K.C. May
The Kinshield Legacy
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The Kinshield Legacy K.C. May A mysterious stone tablet with five magical gems has sat abandoned in a cave for two hundred years The kingdom is in ruins, with only warrant knights to keep the peace But then, the gems in the tablet, one by one, disappear.Warrant knight Gavin Kinshield is a man of many secrets He s the one deciphering the runes in the tablet Unless he can find a suitable replacement,A mysterious stone tablet with five magical gems has sat abandoned in a cave for two hundred years The kingdom is in ruins, with only warrant knights to keep the peace But then, the gems in the tablet, one by one, disappear.Warrant knight Gavin Kinshield is a man of many secrets He s the one deciphering the runes in the tablet Unless he can find a suitable replacement, he ll be Thendylath s next king All he really wants is the letter written by his ancestor Ronor Kinshield, champion to King Arek, confessing the truth of how the king perished a letter he must earn by tracking down a common thief.But when Gavin saves a woman s life, what should have been a simple task draws him face to face with his nightmarish past and the truth of King Arek s demise.______________________. The Kinshield Legacy A mysterious stone tablet with five magical gems has sat abandoned in a cave for two hundred years The kingdom is in ruins with only warrant knights to keep the peace But then the gems in the tablet
  • Title: The Kinshield Legacy
  • Author: K.C. May
  • ISBN: 9781452387895
  • Page: 328
  • Format: ebook
  • The Kinshield Legacy K.C. May

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    1 Blog on “The Kinshield Legacy

    1. Darkiss says:

      The Kinshield Legacy is an epic fantasy with all the classic themes you would expect from this genre The storyline follows the adventures of Gavin Kinshield who through the story gathers around him a small band of followers as he confronts a classic fantasy villain The plot holds no surprises and K C May allows us to see Gavin s destiny very quickly into the book Instead of using destiny as a diving force for the plot the author instead uses a number of sub plots that weave themselves into the a [...]

    2. Dean says:

      Great Magic System One of the things I m finding is that I tend to be hard on indie authors rather than less That wasn t a problem with The Kinshield Legacy Pacing was good, characters were really well fleshed out, and I loved all of the foreshadowing I ll be telling everyone I know to go pick this book up right away

    3. Tara says:

      Alright, alright I admit, this follows typical fantasy formula it has battlers, it has organizations of fighters, an evil mage, and epic destinies to be fulfilled But honestly Whilst this formula for fantasy stories is well used, it just made this story feel familiar enough, whilst somehow keeping things fresh It s one of the best stories in the genre I ve read recently, and one of the ones I ve paid least for Firstly, I d like to comment on the characters there was good character development th [...]

    4. Jennifer Provost says:

      I really enjoyed this book The pacing was excellent, and she introduced concepts without having them seem tired or outlandish That s a hard thing to do in fantasy This is the author s debut novel, and I would certainly read any new works she published.

    5. Pauline Ross says:

      At first glance this is a fairly standard fantasy story There s the humble man destined to be king, there s a warrior babe actually, a whole organisation of warrior babes , there s a villain bent on world domination, and there s a bit of a mystery whatever happened to the previous king What about the magic sword, I hear you say And the prophecy And there ought to be a wizard Yep, got those too There s probably nothing here that the average fantasy fan hasn t seen a hundred times before, and ther [...]

    6. Lindsay Stares says:

      Premise Gavin Kinshield is haunted by his family s history his ancestor had been the bodyguard and champion of the last King, who died tragically and alone Now he is further haunted by a possible destiny, for it is beginning to seem like he is the only one who can decipher the King s Runestones and claim the throne to unite the land.This is a solid light epic fantasy, if that s not too much of a contradiction in terms It s nothing ground shaking or mind blowing, but I enjoyed reading it, and I h [...]

    7. Grace Krispy says:

      If this book were a movie, my husband would be all over it In fact, I can picture it as a series he would follow as eagerly as he follows Legends of the Seeker, and for much the same reasons This genre isn t typically my preferred type of reading material, but the description was intriguing so I wanted to give it a go.Wow I was hooked in the first chapter and had trouble putting the book down to sleep last night Each of the first few chapters introduces new people, people whose lives and stories [...]

    8. Scott says:

      The Kinshield Legacy follow the story of Gavin a warrant knight kind of like a bounty hunter who is destined to be king I found Gavin to be a very well developed character with a strong supporting cast There are characters that are extremely likable the blacksmith and I personally despised the villain and spent the whole book waiting for terrible things to happen to him The book moves along at a great speed and will keep you trying to finish just one chapter The story is completed at the end, b [...]

    9. Connie says:

      Very enjoyable I liked that I had no idea how it would all come together in the end.

    10. Daniel J. Weber says:

      Full Review at digerbop 2013 06 the kinshi The Good First of all what is not good about this book Wait I will talk about that when I get to the bad so not first of all This book is a brilliant masterpiece that any and every fan of a good epic fantasy tale would be dying to read if they knew about it Now that you know about it, you should really go and read it K.C May crafts a brilliant world in the classic swords sorcery style but stays away from the dwarfs and elves and all that What stands out [...]

    11. Dave says:

      The first novel I read on my Kindle I made a conscious decision to try out some fantasy stories by lesser known authors with a low price Although I was a bit afraid of what to expect, The Kinshield Legacy did not disappoint In fact, I loved the story and wait anxiously for the sequel.I have to admit, the beginning seemed a bit rushed, and it took me a few moments to settle into the story But once that happened, it was very difficult to put the book or the Kindle, actually down The most impressiv [...]

    12. Robert says:

      4.5 Stars The Kinshield Legacy is a well written fantasy adventure The main protagonist is Gavin Kinshield, a warrant knight kinda like a chivalrous bounty hunter who is destined to solve the puzzle of the rune stones and become king However, a few things conspire to prevent this from happening, not the least being the evil wizard Brodas who covets the throne himself, or even the fact that Gavin doesn t even want to be king.Unfortunately for Gavin, destiny is hard to escape, and as he gets close [...]

    13. Ron says:

      A classic fantasy of the old school medieval technology and culture, external attack by demonic forces, magic as much a problem as a solution, too good to be true protagonist who is so superficially flawed that even he overlooks himself as a hero All those, plus the women warriors that so many now demand and at least an attempt to break out of the LOTR elves, orcs and dwarfs alternate races rut The warrant knights are a fresh twist on knights errant.Lots of characters with lots of back stories Y [...]

    14. Cathy (cathepsut) says:

      Light fantasy Our unwilling hero goes on an epic quest and in the process collects a merry band of diverse fellows following him along The bad guy is a nicely evil wizard and a few ghastly monsters from another dimension are thrown in for chills as well.Very likeable characters, simple and straight forward storyline Good choice if you are looking for an entertianing and unchallenging read.My only bone of contention the ending is wide open and the next book in the series trilogy is not available [...]

    15. Andrew says:

      A perfect blend of fantasy and western elements, this hybrid tale featured numerous characters that come together perfectly with your typical but incredibly likable tortured protagonist It s these characters that really drive the novel I could read pages and pages of these people just doing generic, every day things Great story, violence, quest companions, a dick villain, sexual humour what s not to like The ending feels a little rushed, with new elements flooding in rapidly to build towards the [...]

    16. Jenna says:

      I found The Kinshield Legacy to be an interesting fantasy world The story moved along well and I liked most of the characters The biggest issue I had was with Brodas, the antagonist of the story I actually had a hard time reading the book because I dreaded having to read the sections told from his point of view and I loathed him Hopefully good will triumph over evil so then I can dance when something bad happens to Brodas.

    17. Suzanne says:

      It took me a while to get into this story perhaps the first quarter of the book but once I did, it was great fun I liked the characters good and bad the plot line, and where the story seems to be going The writing style was fairly smooth, though the Kindle version of the book could use another edit missing words were quite noticeable, making me go back to reread a sentence upon occasion.Looking forward to the second novel

    18. Phil says:

      I wouldn t normally read this kind of book but I have to say I really enjoyed it and will look out for further books in the series.

    19. ackm3d says:

      Refreshing read Nice, simple tale, simply told No fuss, no mucking about, just a good story Eagerly awaiting the second and final book

    20. Matthew says:

      I don t know how I found this author but I m glad I did Awesome book.

    21. Chris says:

      Excellent story and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy novel I am looking forward to the author s new book, The Venom of Vipers.

    22. Justin Kemppainen says:

      Bottom LineValue for Price SuperbIt s 2.99 for a quick and easy fantasy read No need for hours of glossary or diving to figure out what the heck is going on Straightforward, entertaining, and well written Fans of complex high fantasy might not be as interested, but pretty much anyone else will likely find this novel enjoyable Might be a good gateway novel for individuals interested in the genre but intimidated by daunting fantasy offerings.Full ReviewI started reading the Kinshield Legacy a num [...]

    23. Patricia Hamill says:

      One of those books that make me want to read everything from the author.Let me start by saying I picked this book up mostly because it was free and because I needed a book title with a K for the A Z reading challenge I m playing along with this year That being said, I was surprised to be drawn in immediately The hero is Gavin Kinshield, a bounty hunter or lawman for hire, who finds himself drawn to solving the Kings Runes This is not something he desires Instead, the runes and their solutions ha [...]

    24. Celia says:

      Storyline K.C May I have another The Kinshield Legacy is a remarkable fantasy about a simple man who wants to do the right thing and help put the rightful heir on the Thendylath s throne by solving the mystery of the runes Gavin Kinshield is the descendent of the last great king s champion and would like to live simply while patrolling the countryside, lending out his protection and skills as a warrant knight However, as Gavin nears the completion of the Rune Stones mystery and the fulfillment o [...]

    25. Kyrsa says:

      The Kinshield Legacyis K.C May s first novel, but you wouldn t know that from reading the book She handles the twining of a multitude of characters and background with polish and style, making it an easy and enjoyable read Unlike a lot of first novels this one manages complex characters that seem very real The hero of the story is everything a hero should be, but he s also uncouth and uncultured The side characters have rich and varied personalities and the villains are characters who people lov [...]

    26. Jennifer Melzer says:

      was instantly drawn to Gavin Kinshield There was just something about him, his murky and troubled past, his quick, gap toothed smile and the mysterious surrounding his ability to do something he s convince he shouldn t be able to do Plagued by dreams that lead him to the answers to the king s runestones, Gavin has been secretly solving these rune puzzles, keeping the gems he plucks from the tablets hidden away and trying to figure out what to do with them when all is said and done Because the ma [...]

    27. L.C. Evans says:

      I m not normally a fan of fantasy In fact, there have been times when I ve started fantasy books and couldn t get past the first chapter Not so with The Kinshield Legacy The author drew me in from the first page where hero Gavin Kinshield enters a mysterious cave to solve a rune Rather than beginning with pages of long description, Ms May skillfully builds her world by feeding in details as the characters act She starts with a well written scene and continues in the same vein throughout the book [...]

    28. Greg Hamerton says:

      If you re looking for good entertainment that doesn t expect you to invest heavily in setting up the fantasy world and conflict, something you can just pick up anytime and enjoy, then this is ideal.It s fast paced heroic fantasy for the commuter hour, easy to digest with little to chew over, but that makes it delightfully unpretentious Like the hero, Kinshield, it comes at you strong and fast, bashes your head and clangs your sword, engages you in a fight, then extends a generous hand to pick yo [...]

    29. Adam Ortyl says:

      Alright It s been a few days, already started on the next book to read, what do I think I liked it It was memorable Left a nice taste in my mouth Would recommend to others Actually, I already have.What do I normally read I read fantasy, so this book was right up my alley I would classify this somewhere between a epic fantasy and a heroic fantasy Gavin isn t really saving the world, he is becoming king How does it stack up against other fantasy books I think it does well I think it was different, [...]

    30. Jerry Hanel says:

      The characters in this book were vibrant, and nearly came to life around me While I ve always enjoyed KC May s writing, this book really struck a chord with me I try not to just gush on and on about books I enjoy, so that I don t lead anyone into a book that they might not find as enjoyable I try to point out at least one or two quibbles I have so that I can present a balanced picture of what worked and didn t work for me.In this story, I was so engrossed by the characters and the well developed [...]

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