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Small Persons with Wings
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Small Persons with Wings Ellen Booraem Ever since she was teased for believing in fairies, Mellie has adopted a strictly scientific and logical approach to life But when her parents inherit her grandfather s inn, she learns that for generations, her family members have been fairy guardians The fairies exchanged some of their powers for this protection but now they want their magic back An evil temptress in dEver since she was teased for believing in fairies, Mellie has adopted a strictly scientific and logical approach to life But when her parents inherit her grandfather s inn, she learns that for generations, her family members have been fairy guardians The fairies exchanged some of their powers for this protection but now they want their magic back An evil temptress in disguise wants the magic too, and before she knows it, Mellie is turned into a frog, her grandfather is discovered alive, and her parents are trapped in an evil spell that only lets them see the truth which can be awfully brutal Thank goodness for Timmo the cute boy next door and Durindana, a fairy outcast, who help Mellie save the day and encourage her to loosen up her views on family, fairies, and friendship This is a hilarious, irreverent, and highly sarcastic take on fairies who, by the way, just hate to be called fairies.. Small Persons with Wings Ever since she was teased for believing in fairies Mellie has adopted a strictly scientific and logical approach to life But when her parents inherit her grandfather s inn she learns that for genera
  • Title: Small Persons with Wings
  • Author: Ellen Booraem
  • ISBN: 9780803734715
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Small Persons with Wings Ellen Booraem

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    1. Yanely Martinez says:

      Okay well im not gonna lie I picked this book because I liked the glittery letters Do you think fairies are real This book is fantasy because their are actual fairies in the book Basically this book is going to be about a little girl and her parents having problems with fairies The main characters are Mellie, her family, and a few fairies The setting of the story takes place in apartment which they are fixing to live a new life Mellie wanted to stop believing in fairies but when she asked her pa [...]

    2. Cathy says:

      Fairy Lit seems to becoming a bona fide genre, if you can count the never ending series of Rainbow Fairy books I thoroughly enjoyed The Night Fairy, and thought Small Persons with Wings sounded promising Oh, how I ended up hating this book The only thing good about it was the title it was clever The story however was a disaster The biggest problem was that I could not tell who the book was intended for It seems to be marked at the 4th 8th crowd, but it felt too me like an adult trying to be funn [...]

    3. Betsy says:

      We re all sick of vampires right now We re also a little tired of zombies and don t even TALK to me about angels A couple years ago you could have said the same about child wizards Fantasy trends, you see, are fickle and fleeting One trend that somehow hasn t managed to become annoying ubiquitous, however, is the fairy trend In spite of the vast popularity of the Rainbow Fairies series, fairy books for kids and teens come out in spurts and starts No single fairy has managed to cross into the wor [...]

    4. Ms. Schutte says:

      OK I m not going to lie I read this book because it has glitter on the cover and got a great Horn Book review but mostly because it has glitter on the cover Yet it turned out to be a fantastic book that actually had depth than I was expecting Yes, there are fairies, but a lot of the action revolves around this group of fairies trying to decide whether to keep the magic they have that allows them to create complete artifice and amazing, imaginative illusions that they can live in even though it [...]

    5. Suzanne says:

      This story got much better as it progressed It started out as a tale about a lonely child with a fairy as a full time friend caretaker whose parents, while physically present, are somewhat daft The young girl, Mellie, offers to bring her fairy to show and tell only to earn bad results the fairy disappears, the principal calls her parents in to discuss her overactive imagination and her parents agree that the fairy does not exist For the next 7 years, Mellie devotes herself to the scientific meth [...]

    6. Denise says:

      Ok, this book was a disappointment I guess I just expected too much after reading the other reviews When a book is rated for fifth through seventh graders, I don t think tampons should be mentioned in it It seems that too many liberties are being taken with kid lit in recent years Can we not have a book with sex, cursing, and feminine products mentioned in it for elementary aged children.

    7. Brandy Painter says:

      Review originally posted here.They call themselves the Parvi Pennati Whatever you do, don t call them fairies they hate to be called fairies They may be minuscule, but they are temperamental, and making them mad could result in serious injury This makes life difficult if you re a member of the family that is the guardian of these fairies S.P.W.W.s And life is already difficult enough for Mellie Turpin With these ingredients, Ellen Booraem has concocted a delightfully witty tale of magic, adventu [...]

    8. Delaney says:

      This book was disappointing I thought it would be a fun read I was literally waiting for something, ANYTHING, good to happen It never did come And since I ve read another book that is fairies involved though this is Small Persons with Wings I thought it would be just as good Boy was that wrong The characters were boring, unrealistic, lame, not interesting, and not entertaining enough I thought I liked the fairy Small Person with Wings but I ll just stick to fairy cause I m M A D Fidius but then [...]

    9. Gracie says:

      Small Persons With WingsBy Ellen Booraemreport by Gracie SchlutzKey issues Fitting in, growing up, moving, friendship, fairies and discovering the truth.List of characters Mellie protanonist, Narrator, curious, has fairy friends, picked on and called fairy fat.Fidius Antagonist, ran away, is a fairy, disllikes it when is called a fairy, has many fairy friends, made Mellie unpopular by not showing up to show and tell in kindergarden and is micheviousds at school mean, make fun of mellie, call her [...]

    10. Tyler Jolley says:

      Small Persons with WingsSmall Persons with Wings is a middle grade to young adult novel about exactly as the title indicates fairies but don t call them fairies they prefer small persons with wings Mellie Turpin is the only daughter of the Turpin family in Boston She s a social outcast because she s round, has a big nose and has a large vocabulary that her peers don t understand One day, in an attempt to gain friends, she tells everyone in her kindergarten class that she has a fairy and promises [...]

    11. Caitlin L says:

      I recently finished, Small Persons With Wings and it s about a young girl, Melissa Mellie and her beliefs for the mythical fairies they prefer the term, small persons with wings She tells her classmates and instantly becomes known as Fairy Fat Later Mellie moves to another town, she can finally start a new life No bad reputations, just a clean sheet She finds out that fairies are real not long after the move, and that her family has some kind of pact with them This book contains small persons wi [...]

    12. Nancy says:

      Small Persons With WIngs is a book about a girl,named Mellie she first met a fairy when she was in kindergarden When she didn t bring the fairy to school everybody called her fairy fat She started believing it was her imagination Turns out her family is guardians for fairies The faires have a moonstone that helps people see the truth when you put it on or drink the drink form it A giant doll which the inside is a fairy, it wants the moonstone to him self Meanwhile she met another fairy name Duri [...]

    13. Zoie B. says:

      Okay, I gave this book a chance, but I couldn t bare with it I am a 13 year old girl, and this was my required book for the summer chosen by my K 8 school All of my classmates agree that this was the worst summer reading book yet First, the plot was horrible and predictable An outcast s family is cursed by fairies, what happens next Oh my lord, I was in tears The writing was even worse I expected a decent young adult novel and I got a book that has adult humor and with the writing style of a fiv [...]

    14. Wendy says:

      This was a disappointment to me It s tempting to say just it s not my thing and move on, but atually, this IS my thing magic fantasy as long as it s set in the real world So it isn t just that I really liked all the human characters, and that s where the three stars come from I liked all the art history, and my favorite part is toward the beginning when Mellie has devoted herself to science, logic, and facts The art scrapbook, and her father s reaction to it, is the funniest thing in the whole b [...]

    15. Claire says:

      Interesting and unique, but incredibly muddled

    16. Claire says:

      DEAR GOD SUCH AN ADORABLE BOOK with Latin French inserts and everything hurry hurry must go must go can t stick around

    17. Marie says:

      The basic fairy story was pretty good and imaginative, but you had to hold on through several things that bugged me 1 Cursing or pseudo cursing fluff, but that s not the word he really used was unnecessary.2 Bullying I know kids bully and get bullied The amount of bullying is probably not excessive unfortunately , but some of the ways she is taught and teaches herself to deal with it are a little out there I don t know ANY kid who would walk anywhere with a tampon pinned to their shirt Grandeur [...]

    18. Aly Attenello says:

      The book Small Persons With Wings takes you on adventures that you have never dreamed of going or seeing The book has a quick start In the end the book starts to get slower For the first 3 4 of the way through the book, it is a nice, peaceful story with a mix of fairies and humans For the last quarter, the book starts to take very unexpected turns For example, the girl in the book meets this crazy lady Except, when she puts on the moonstone ring she sees a mannequin lady instead of a normal huma [...]

    19. Janna Jabi says:

      The book, Small Persons With Wings is a great book, I really enjoyed reading it with the big surprise at the end, when Mellie finds out her parents are fairy guardians This book definitly brought many good pop ups and good news to the story If I were you I would read this book because not only is it fun to read but it is also a life lesson, when Mellie gets bullied but she brought her self up and didnt care what they said or thought I rate this book 5 5

    20. Craig says:

      Read this with my niece a little each day she seemed to enjoy it although now she keeps calling me Warm Dolt which is getting old rather quickly but shes only 8 so what can you do

    21. Isabella Nava says:

      Spoiler Alert The main character Mellie turned into a frog, her grandfather was found alive but a living clock, and Mellie s parents have the ability to let them feel and see the truth Have you ever believed in fairies Ever been told a story, well, that s not gonna change in this book review except that this is a whole confusing and crazy drama type of story Small Persons With Wings is a fiction book In my opinion, I feel that this book does have a lot of confusing and lots of frustrating events [...]

    22. Victoria says:

      This book is really good My sister read it to me when I was little and I loved it I think I ve read this book about 3 times It is about a girl who gets bullied for saying she had a friend who was a fairy One day she said that she would bring him in, but once she tries to bring him in she finds him to be missing After that day, she forced herself not to believe in anything unrealistic Then a while later she finds another fairy freind, and adventure continues.

    23. Shazzer says:

      As posted on Outside of a Dog I have always loved fairy tales When I was a child, I absorbed the stories of the fairy land of Oz, and as an adult I have devoured and dissected the tales of Andrew Lang, the Brothers Grimm and other legends from around the world There is something about the fairy tale, whether it involves fairies or not, that endures, and something about that fascinates me In the case of Ellen Booraem s Small Persons with Wings, we re dealing with fairies on that later and the hu [...]

    24. Juricsy Garcia says:

      Imagine that you got tessed because of something such as faires,or imaginary friends how would you feel The genre of this book is fantasy because I meen least be real there s no way for faires to exist and you can t talk to them One of the most biggest movement was when the kids started to tell Mellie that she was a fairy fat just because they didn t believe her that she saw faires This book is about how a girl name Mellie that believes in faires but when she tells her friends and when they want [...]

    25. Jessica says:

      Mellie full name Melissa Angelica Turpin had a small person with wings don t call them fairies once, named Fidius He turned her summer squash to candy corn, made her My Little Pony gallop around the room, and disappeared her Legos But all goes awry when Mellie tells the other girls at school that she has a fairy at home, who sleeps on her pillow and is cold as ice Fidius grows angry that Mellie treats him as a pet, and disappears, but not before giving Mellie a frostbite handprint on her nose an [...]

    26. Karen says:

      Finished this one some time back but forgot to update it to read status Though YA fiction will always be my favorite when it comes to youth books, I ve been trying to read a little younger too Small Persons with Wings is definitely for the younger crowd, 5th to 6th grade, I d say.Our main charater, Mellie, cruelly nicknamed Fairy Fat by her jerk classmates, learned to squelch her imaginative mind early Her best friend in Kindergarten was Fidius, a small person with wings who informed her that fa [...]

    27. Seanean says:

      librarytalker 201When she was just five, Mellie Turpin lost her small person with wings NEVER call them fairies Well, she didn t really lose him, she just accidentally angered him so much that he left her She didn t know that he was a secret She didn t know she wasn t supposed to tell And she certainly didn t know that she wasn t supposed to offer to bring him to school for show and tell like one might bring a pet.Now he s gone.The other kids think she lied The school psychologist thinks she nee [...]

    28. KatHooper says:

      ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Mellie Turpin has been suffering for her entire school career Not only has she always been teased about being overweight, but she made the mistake of promising her kindergarten class that she d bring in Fidius, her fairy friend, for show and tell When Fidius disappeared the night before show and tell, Mellie was declared a liar and earned the sticky nickname Fairy Fat Now that she s thirteen, Mellie has learned to suppress her imagination, but she s still [...]

    29. Emilia says:

      I originally picked up this book because of my soft spot for fairy lore, but was ultimately disappointed There was almost no use of folklore in the story, and while I usually wouldn t mind this much the rest of the story just couldn t make up for it The humor was too adult to be funny to children, but too immature to be funny any other age group either While children of all ages should be comfortable talking about tampons and the such, teaching kids that tampons and periods are nothing but embar [...]

    30. Abby says:

      Small Persons with wings is a fictional story about an overweight girl, Mellie, who had a fairy In kindergarten, she told everyone she would bring her fairy to school, but when she went to bring him the next day he was gone Kids didn t believe her and started calling her Fairy Fat She kept believing in fairies through second grade until she started seeing a therapist The therapist told Mellie to turn to books to distract herself One day Mellie s family got news that her grandpop had died They mo [...]

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