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Watchman Nee: Man of Suffering
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Watchman Nee: Man of Suffering Bob Laurent Watchman Nee Watchman Nee is remembered for his leadership of an indigenous church movement in China, as well as for his books that continue to enrich Christians throughout the world.. Watchman Nee Man of Suffering Watchman Nee is remembered for his leadership of an indigenous church movement in China as well as for his books that continue to enrich Christians throughout the world
  • Title: Watchman Nee: Man of Suffering
  • Author: Bob Laurent Watchman Nee
  • ISBN: 9781577482239
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • Watchman Nee: Man of Suffering Bob Laurent Watchman Nee

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      310 Bob Laurent Watchman Nee
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    1 Blog on “Watchman Nee: Man of Suffering

    1. Johnny says:

      This biography of Chinese pastor and martyr Watchman Nee was surprising to me in a lot of ways One major way was that it ruined a song I used to like It appears that Watchman Nee s wife died a few months before the good pastor died in prison The song I liked was written as though it was a word of comfort to her after his death Hush, Lady Watchman don t you cry you know he ll never die He ll just walk into the arms of Jesus And though it hurts to see him go, Lady Watchman you must know, he was bo [...]

    2. Vaughn says:

      I found this to be a very well written and relatively balanced overview of Watchman s life and times This book is just one of the many books in the Heroes of the Faith series, which is comprised of novelized biographies As a new series 2013 from a publisher with which I wasn t formally unacquainted and by an author I didn t recognize, I began the book with low expectations I was pleasantly surprised to find high quality writing that not only inspired and encouraged, but also challenged some of m [...]

    3. AngeloRiveraJr says:

      Always trust God and learn.Shows that it s not in what you posses but in the Anointing of the God that provides.It was not the the fishes but the power of God that multiplied.Forget about your current situation and focus on the one who guarantees your future.Remember we have this power in earthen vessels.

    4. Saphraneet says:

      I have read several of Watchman Nee s books and found them so deep and rich, however I did not know much about the man himself This biography helped me realize why he could write about how to live the Christian life the way he did.

    5. Larisha says:

      This is a Must Read for anyone who is also walking in moment by moment dependence on a life of Faith and or desires to walk in Faith as God leads Know like Jesus Christ, you too will be persecuted as our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ was Yet, Praise God how can we forget HIS grace So, let us press on God s strength of promise in time of need is never decreased One of Pastor Nee s most often quoted bible verse was 2 Timothy 3 12 Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be p [...]

    6. Brandon Stiver says:

      Really enjoyed and learned a lot from Watchman Nee s life He lived one of those lives that was so remarkably devout and yet to him it seemed as though his life wasn t anything special, but rather just the way a life ought to be lived for God The two things that I ll remember from his life was his profound humility and how that played out especially in times where people attached him, his character and his ministry on completely bogus charges He never got up in arms and defended himself, he allow [...]

    7. Anni Pronschinske says:

      Finding a book about Watchman s life was hard enough He wrote many, many books about Christianity and his ministry but there is hardly a book about his life Why is his life story so allusive Who knows So I had to play the card I was dealt which was this book right here I m saddened by the fact that this is a series Horrified actually If you want a considerably better missionary series, try Christian Heroes Then Now As for this butte, it didn t give his life justice I m left with questions than [...]

    8. Martha says:

      Anyone who wants to see the true work of God and His hand in our suffering, trials, and daily shame needs to read this book I have truly not learned so much from an apostle as I have read in his book Every new sentence, scripture, and page gives me new insight into my walk with my LORD and I thank God for the life of Watchman Nee and his incredible strength He gave him I hope to read this book continually and find strength from God s words through brother Nee s life God is good

    9. Andy says:

      perjalanan rohani seorang hamba Tuhan yang memiliki kedalaman akan firman Tuhan relasinya yang intim dengan Tuhan dapat kita lihat melalui kedalaman ia menggali Firman Tuhan yang menghasilkan buku buku yang dapat menggubahkan banyak orang salah satunya manusia rohani salah satu tokoh rohani asia yang dikagumi dunia akan kedalamanya.

    10. Mac says:

      Two stars because it s so simple and basic Also, I find the phrase Heroes of the faith to be pretty lame With that said, Watchman Nee s life and desire for Jesus is incredible, and encourages me to abandon everything for Christ His motto of nothing for myself and everything for the Lord is changing how I pray and how I desire to live daily Really want to read The Spiritual Man now.

    11. Laura Desy says:

      Reading this book can give a motivation for us to have faith in God Although a lot of trouble and the everything seems impossible, but Pastor Nee still has faith in God I learned from his total dependence on God.

    12. Mary says:

      A true hero of the Christian faith.

    13. Jerry Bousard says:

      Cried when I read this book Love his commitment to Christ

    14. Jessica says:


    15. Chris says:

      Good book Inspires to be all God wants us to be despite the consequences.

    16. Shandra says:

      I own a Recovery Holy Bible which is from the Living Stream Ministry of Watchman Nee, and want to know about him as a person This was nicely written.

    17. Nicole Savage says:

      this is one of the most inspirational books i ve ever read it created a fire in me for evangelism that i haven t had in a long time he was a modern day Paul

    18. Mark Dunn says:

      A true hero of the faith MR Nee was studious student of the Bible and a prayer worrier I thank GOD men of such have faith are still possible.

    19. Tommy Gunawan says:

      His life, somehow, has become inspiration for me.

    20. Arlene Halverson says:

      A feast for the spirit An excellent read Unbelievable the evidence of God in his life by his hunger for God For truth Unto obedience.Arlene

    21. Linn Beall says:

      I enjoyed learning about Watchman Nee I had heard about him but knew very little about him.

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