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The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
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The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics Alan Aldridge The Beatles A must have for every Fab Four fan, this classic visual tribute to their music is now available in a handsomely repackaged and affordable paperback edition The music and lyrics of the Beatles have proven them to be artists of the page as well as the stage and have here provided inspiration to dozens of artists Rendered in full color on every page are extravagantly colorfA must have for every Fab Four fan, this classic visual tribute to their music is now available in a handsomely repackaged and affordable paperback edition The music and lyrics of the Beatles have proven them to be artists of the page as well as the stage and have here provided inspiration to dozens of artists Rendered in full color on every page are extravagantly colorful scenes and images, from the psychedelic visions evoked by Strawberry Fields to the youthful innocence that springs from She Loves You Witty commentary and candid insights from John, Paul, George and Ringo make this a very special and personal tribute.. The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics A must have for every Fab Four fan this classic visual tribute to their music is now available in a handsomely repackaged and affordable paperback edition The music and lyrics of the Beatles have pro
  • Title: The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics
  • Author: Alan Aldridge The Beatles
  • ISBN: 9781579120580
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics Alan Aldridge The Beatles

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    1. Mariel says:

      I m Stu ing over what I think about The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics by Alan Aldridge There was a certain Ringo to the pictures Across the Universe of The Beatles lyrics Some contributions Alridge didn t write it ALANne were a Taste of Honey, others casted a Paul on the Lonesome Tears in My Eyes But nobody wants to know them and I never give them my money Tomorrow never knows if I ll read this again It BEAT le s reading anything else.

    2. Jenny says:

      I grew up with this book My dad got the original 1969 edition as a birthday present from his older sister It was kept semi hidden in the back of the buffet with some of my parents other racier albums Richard Pryor, George Carlin Eventually, I found these things out for myself, and this wonderful book became part of my life, too It is an amazing montage of art work from the likes of Peter Max and Ronald Searle It also includes some surreal photography along with gag comic strip graphics and some [...]

    3. GoldGato says:

      For me, the Beatles were the musical group of my older siblings In fact, if it wasn t for McCartney, I would have been clueless about his old band WaitPaul was in another band My friends and I marvelled as we listened to a band that was almost as cool as the Police and Prince Then as each year progressed, the Beatles became the Sinatra of rock and roll, the elder tribesmen, so to speak Quite frankly, I don t know what they were smoking when they wrote these lyrics, but it worked Alan Aldridge ha [...]

    4. Paul Bryant says:

      I wrote a review which was the usual incisive disquisition not on the actual book but on the topic the book was about, namely Beatles lyrics, and as I clicked on SAVE this hallowed website freaked out and fell over so my incisive disquisition was lost But maybe I should stop using as a substitute blog anyway.

    5. Kevin says:

      This wasn t quite what I was expecting, but it was still interesting Based on the title, I was picturing illustrated scenes from the songs There are a few of those Penny Lane being one of the memorable ones , but some of the photographs looked like an excuse for the photographer to get to work with a topless model with only Lovely Rita Meter Maid really bearing any relationship to the song it purports to illustrate.

    6. Randolph Carter says:

      This book is soooo 60s Its still fun to look at As the years go by I am less and less impressed by the Beatles after 1966 Sgt Peppers was sort of a jump the shark for me I know they were revolutionary and trend setters and all that There is just so much rock and roll energy in their early work that is missing from later stuff All that said, I do like the White Album at least the parts that aren t filler, three sides worth maybe I pretty much hated the late sixties altogether anyway Oh, and I alw [...]

    7. Rory says:

      Mind Blowing I mean, My Mind Blowing, at least Before coming across this accidentally on our library s third floor, I couldn t have recalled the title or even this book s existence though I realize it s pretty well known But I ve obviously read this book many times because every other image was immediately familiar My mom must have had it sitting around I even wonder if she didn t tear out some pages and hang them up This is a must for fans of the Four OR anyone interested in 60s illustrative st [...]

    8. Kbg503 says:

      Fixing a Hole is one of my favorite songs and to see the accompanying illustration by Tomi Ungerer who illustrated one of my favorite childhood books, makes this book even precious That said, the book is also well used since I love to pick it up when I want Beatles lyrics I could try to search online just for that and find that ONE song, but then I d miss out on having another song, quote, or illustration, catch my eyeere I will go

    9. Vera Peterson says:

      Got this as an early holiday gift Just when I thought there was nothing else unique to be published on The Beatles, here is this wondrously illustrated book featuring artistic depictions of many of their beloved songs Mind you, this isn t a new book It came out in the early 1970s But when two volumes were published as one collection, it made this a must have for the bookshelves of any Beatles fan A highly imaginative and colorful interpretation of the greatest pop songs ever written.

    10. Meagan says:

      Beautiful book I own three copies, and my mom has about five copies that she cuts up and makes collages from I have a couple that she made in my dorm room that I m looking at right now, Oh, Darling, Help, Paperback Writer, being prominently featured It s such a fun book, guys Any Beatles fan needs to have this or at least look through it Simply awesome.

    11. Don says:

      Truly a fantastic collection of illustrations and photos by many famous contributors my favorite has to be Peter Max, and the four alternate individual photos of the Beatles at the time of the White Album inner photo shoot.Long out of print, but worth finding an used copy of the original printing or a reprinted softcover version.

    12. Judith Furedi says:

      I have the original edition which is out of print This is a beautifully and lavishly illustrated book, it than a book Its a paegant You can take a look at the lyrics and the images inspired in various artist.

    13. Hayley says:

      This book was a surprise Christmas gift from my mum and I absolutely love it I m a huge Beatles fan and so to have a gorgeous hardcover book of their lyrics, all so beautifully illustrated is wonderful This is a book I ll treasure.

    14. Patrick Boles says:

      I wish I still had this book Nothing will make you smile faster then a flip through this book Unless of course you hate the Beatles Then I can t reccommend anything for you except a vaccination maybe.

    15. Biopresto says:

      l ISBN e relativo alla edizione attuale de libro 1997.Su BOL viene indicata come 1 ed.In realta , quella mia e l edizione del 1972, della quale ho provveduto ad uploadare la copertina sempre che non venga sostituita con la nuova

    16. Benny says:

      Boy, that was a fun book And, I learned the vital lyrics to Across The Universe , from reading this book And, the Peter Max style artwork is especially entertaining

    17. Nigel Wilson says:

      This book is a demonstration of the pure brilliance that was the Beatles More so Lennon for me Pure class of a man and a beautiful human being.

    18. Kathy Herman says:

      So many colorful and creative interpretations of the songs from the Beatles catalog Some are done with photographs Others are spectacular illustrations from artist Alan Aldridge My favorite is the one for There s A Place.There are two volumes of these books Best to get both of them, or the complete 2 volume set.

    19. Selenie Beanie says:

      If you love the Beatles and their lyrics ,great stuff

    20. Daniel A. says:

      To some extent, books such as The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, edited by Alan Aldridge, are review and rating proof They are very much reference books, and either one likes and appreciates them or one doesn t The question becomes, then, is the whole greater than the sum of its parts i.e is the entire package better or worse than mere lists of lyrics bound together In this case, The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics is indeed greater, by rather a lot The Beatles have achieved the status of legend in the [...]

    21. The Art Book Review says:

      Two Days in Mt WashingtonThis is the first deadline I ve ever missed I received a kind e mail from Sarah politely reminding me that the 25th had come and gone In truth I knew it I had been in a crunched fetal position in front of The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics for the past month Numerous attempts had been made at cracking its language, to fish out its secrets Joints had been smoked The book had been turned sideways and lifted up and twirled in my hands A plan had been hatched listen to each song [...]

    22. Ellen Dyer says:

      i ve had this book around my house ever since i was a little girl it s part of the fond things i remember from my childhood i never really liked some of the de, if you will, pictures I also strongly dislike the lack of george harrison compositions where s I need you For you blue For god s sake, WHERE IS SOMETHING I think alan aldridge was a bit biased between the beatles for gods sake, he included songs john lennon wrote after the break up and failed to include some of ringo and GEORGE s Masterp [...]

    23. HeavyReader says:

      When I was in college, my roommate found a copy of this book cheap at a used book sale I wanted it for my sister who was a HUGE fan of The Beatles at the time, but Shannan refused to part with it.The one thing I remember about the book is the art piece for Lady Madonna Why is there a cake in that refrigerator I asked.Shannan had to explain to me that it was not a cake in the refrigerator, but a bun in the oven I felt pretty dumb I still think quietly, to myself that a pregnant lady has a cake in [...]

    24. Max Chervov says:

      Amazing book Pure treasure for every Beatles fan and for anyone who wants to know about that era Surrealistic and psychodelic pictures enlarge and enhance smart lyrics, so that every song is taken as if it was a real drug Also some of the songs become clear and in some of them I discovered another meaning.

    25. Mark says:

      Kinda cool, but not essential It is what it says it is every Beatle lyric with illustrations by different artists Some are good, some aren t Don t waste too much money Just look at it in a bookstore and make up your own mind as to if you need it or not.

    26. tom says:

      i read this as a kid very cool and psychedelic

    27. Brianna says:

      Though the illustrations have really nothing to do with the Beatles, I believe this was an important book because it was the first time the official lyrics were readily available.

    28. Annie says:

      Really great book, lets you look into the lives of the Beatles I loved going over all of their lyrics.

    29. Jenn Adams says:

      Very well done and intricate lots to look at

    30. Jaramy says:


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