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Mission Canyon
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Mission Canyon Meg Gardiner Evan Delaney has come to terms with the hit and run crash that left her boyfriend, Jesse Blackburn, in a wheelchair and killed his best friend But when she hears that the driver, Franklin Brand, is back in Santa Barbara, she is determined to help Jesse bring him to book for his crime Brand was a golden boy at Mako Technologies, a heavyweight cyber security firm That s wEvan Delaney has come to terms with the hit and run crash that left her boyfriend, Jesse Blackburn, in a wheelchair and killed his best friend But when she hears that the driver, Franklin Brand, is back in Santa Barbara, she is determined to help Jesse bring him to book for his crime Brand was a golden boy at Mako Technologies, a heavyweight cyber security firm That s where Evan starts looking, and as she digs deeper, she finds evidence of theft and extortion Then witnesses to the hit and run start dying It seems that powerful interests are determined to stop Jesse and Evan once and for all.. Mission Canyon Evan Delaney has come to terms with the hit and run crash that left her boyfriend Jesse Blackburn in a wheelchair and killed his best friend But when she hears that the driver Franklin Brand is ba
  • Title: Mission Canyon
  • Author: Meg Gardiner
  • ISBN: 9780340822524
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mission Canyon Meg Gardiner

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    1. Mary Beth says:

      SUSPENSE SUSPENSE AND More SUSPENSE Mission Canyon is the second book in the Evan Delaney Series I think there are actually five in the series Stephen King strongly recommends this series He says Read Meg Gardiner The Next Suspense Super Star This book is a nonstop action thriller I feel that it is very well written with nail biting suspense This author rocks I don t feel that it was intense as China Lake but it is still very intense This definitely is another winner The book is very well done w [...]

    2. Michael says:

      Meg Gardiner s second novel in the Evan Delaney mystery series shows the same assuredness of storytelling that won me over in China Lake but ends up being a far satisfying and complete reading experience.Several years ago, Evan s boyfriend, Jesse, was paralyzed in a hit and run incident Jesse s good friend was killed and all the evidence pointed toward it being a deliberate hit and run incident, with the car s driver, Franklin Brand, going on the run Now, Brand is back in town, but for what pur [...]

    3. Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo says:

      Franklin Brand is back The Franklin Brand that took Jesse s ability to walk and killed his buddy He confesses to Evan that he s still stuck there in Mission Canyon He can t move to comfort his swimming mate as he lay dying More memories are coming back and he s being blackmailed all within 9 weeks of his and Evan s wedding.A couple claiming to be ex CIA want to hire Evan to ghostwrite their memoirs She senses something off putting about the couple She s right They are part of what happened to Je [...]

    4. quinnster says:

      Once again Evan finds herself in the middle of a battle concerning someone she loves This time it s Jesse, her fiancee The book was good, with lots of suspense, but things jumped around alot and there was so much going on I found it hard to believe that all of this could be happening to just these two people Evan makes some ridiculous decisions just like she did in China Lake and acts like a cop than a lawyer turned writer.

    5. Conni Harness says:

      One of the best reads yet It s like the thrill ride that just won t quit And yet finally the conclusion arrives and this story defitiently resolves nicely Wow this author is good

    6. Neil Collins says:

      Mission Canyon is a place of nightmares and regrets for Evan Delaney and her fianc , Jessie It s been just over three years since Jessie and his best friend, Isaac, where run down while riding their bikes up in Mission Canyon For Jessie, it s meant piecing his life back together physical therapy and a wheel chair, with Evan by his side Isaac wasn t quite as lucky.Meg Gardiner s second offering in her Evan Delaney series is a tightly wound, thrilling story with all the twists, turns, and blind cu [...]

    7. stephanie says:

      oh, this one is even better evan evan and jesse and the whole story of jesse who does show up in the jo beckett books, so i need to find out how he makes the move from santa barbara to san francisco and it s just good i did not want to put this down in fact i actually stayed up waaay past my bedtime to finish it and was exhausted at work the next day i love it plus there s all this technological stuff that reminds me of Jeffery Deaver s recent stories and i can t wait to read Broken Wire either [...]

    8. D. says:

      Another strong entry in the EVAN DELANEY series by Meg Gardiner This is book 2, the first was CHINA LAKE This one is stronger on the characterization, as has of a techno thriller vibe than the previous one.Evan Delaney is a lawyer whose boyfriend was injured in a hit and run accident several years ago New facts come to light in the case as conspiracies are uncovered and the witnesses start to meet suspicious ends Gardiner is a strong writer, and she has a nice way of capturing Evan s inner voic [...]

    9. Phoebe says:

      This was a great sequel to _China Lake_ in fact, I thought it was a lot better than _China Lake_ I was very much engaged in the storyline, which has a lot to do with Jesse, the boyfriend I mentioned in my review of the first book Evan is a great main character, and it felt like the characters in this book had dimensions than some of the characters in the first On Gardiner s writing style, I thought she did a great job of unveiling the details of the stories at just the right times, and I was re [...]

    10. Jodi says:

      4.5 stars I read the first Meg Gardiner, China Lake, when I saw a recommendation from Stephen King in which he said she is a great thriller writer and can t understand why she isn t big in the U.S Good question Although I think that has been changing Mission Canyon was a real page turner I was so engrossed in the last 50 pages of the book I almost didn t notice the obnoxious guy next to me on the flight who was very rude to me about which seat he thought he should sit in I ll spare you the detai [...]

    11. Rebekkila says:

      This book is non stop action Evan Delaney s fiancee is wheelchair bound after he was hit by a car while biking in the mountains with his friend It turns out that it wasn t an accident, it is to cover up some shady business dealings at a large tech firm I am a fan of action, so I loved the pace of the book, and I even took an extra twenty minutes off the clock at work today to finis it This book introduced Jax and Tim a hit man and woman team, and I liked them better than any of the other new cha [...]

    12. Lisa Anne says:

      As in Gardiner s first novel China Lake, the main character Evan finds herself in the middle of a drama concerning someone she loves This drama concerns her fianc e The novel was good, kept me reasonably interested, with a decent amount of suspense I did however, find that Gardiner jumped around quite a bit in this novel and it seemed a tad unbelievable that all of these events were happening to one couple I found the story a tad far fetched, but engaging nonetheless I ll give Gardiner s other w [...]

    13. Antonia says:

      meh ok, in a sense that it certainly was an exciting thrill ride there was hardly any time to catch your breath, so a good thriller however, the story a trifle far fetched and not overly feasible with the characters at hand exaggerated is another word that immediately springs to mind and oh my what a coincidence another five i can come up with.but then, easy to read and difficult to put down and i did feel thoroughly entertained plus i will go for the next one so i guess i ll up the rating from [...]

    14. Afsana says:

      I enjoyed this book Though who was the culprits was a surprise I had a feeling that it was not brand.Where I wanted to give Evan a kick up the rear was when she kept whining to Harley though she was the enemies solicitor and how she took harleys comments without making a retort Couldn t she see feal her lack of sensitivity or the fact that she didn t really seem to understand their point or actions.I gave it a 3 star as was fgood and would try another of hers PAges flowed etc but it asn t ggreat [...]

    15. Kathy says:

      The second in the series finds Evan and Jesse tracking down the man who ran Jesse and his friend Isaac over and left them for dead Jesse was partially paralyzed and Isaac died There s a lot of corporate and violent shenanigans in this book People get beat up, people get savagely murdered and, as in the other two books I ve read in this series, the formal authorities aren t much help This was a good read on the plane book.

    16. T.M. Carper says:

      Meg Gardiner is my new favorite author A great mystery the probes the background of Jesse, Evan s wheelchair bound fiance Between her cousin moving to town, wedding plans, and two contract killers asking her to write their memiors, the last thing Evan Delaney needed was the FBI on her case and investigating her husband to be Rivating to the final page and filled with twists that keep you guessing I ve already jumped straight into Jericho Point.

    17. Claire says:

      Mission Canyon is a good, well paced read The characters are well written and very 3D The plot twists as it builds to give a really satisfying read A little obvious in places but this did not detract from my enjoyment This is the second book I have read by this author and I will definitely be looking for .

    18. Eunira says:

      My first by this writer Okay, Evan is a hero, but the things she does in this book are improbable Running away from two baddies on the roof of a church, sliding down a drainpipe with a baby The character is vague, unbelivable and sometimes foolish The book starts out strong but then becomes too convoluted for my taste.

    19. Rachael says:

      All the Evan Delaney books are good, fast mystery reads Evan s a 30 something former lawyer now investigator who also has written 3 science fiction books The series would be best read in order so you d appreciate it , but I read the 3rd book 1st, and still appreciated it I recommend this as a fast read good action book

    20. JayeL says:

      This was another entertaining book by Meg Gardiner I thought the scene in the warehouse was one of Gardiner s typical end of the book violent scenes, but then she gave I thought the wrap up was pretty good, but I still want about Jesse and Evan together.

    21. Anne Peachey says:

      Mission Canyon is another of Meg Gardiner s exciting thrillers Evan Delaney her main character is a lawyer and when she gets her teeth into something will no let go, even when she knows it is dangerous A great read full of suspense that will have you holding your breath until the last nail biting page.

    22. Christine says:

      Second in the Evan Dulaney series very good for the genre Still can t believe this is written by a an expat living in Britain, feels American Which I guess is a compliment to the author I checked out her website blog after reading this book She seems like someone who would fit in my book group well Her sense of humor shows through in her writing.

    23. Debra says:

      Stephen King recommended author and book King says this about the Evan Delaney series Simply put, the finest crime suspense series I ve come across in the last twenty yearsyour basic can t put em down thrill rides.

    24. Lyn says:

      Evan Delaney and her boyfriend Jessie are trying to track down the hit and run driver who put him in a wheel chair and killed his best friend He s back after leaving the country three years ago and claims he wasn t driving his car when the accident happened.

    25. Sherrill Nilson says:

      I really like Meg s books I tend to read a series all at once, which in this case was not necessarily a good idea After a while the action got a bit too much, so I think I ll spread out my reading I won t stop reading them, though They re good.

    26. Selina says:

      I loved this book Meg Gardiner rocks and I thought the story unraveled really well The characterizations are nice and though I wish there had been of some of the characters from book 1, I loved the focus on bad boy boyfriend, Jesse Looking forward to the next book

    27. Mary Fitzsimons says:

      I am such a fan of Meg Gardiner and her Evan Delaney books This is the second of the series Evan s boyfriend Jesse was injured by a hit and run driver and his friend killed and now it seems the killer is back Some great twists and turns in the book I d rate it 4.2 stars.

    28. Simeonberesford says:

      This follow up to China Lake Was an enjoyable read with plenty of tense moments But it was not as good as its predessor The humour seemed to detract from its beleivabilty as did an over complex plot return I do however still expect to enjoy the next.

    29. Terri Lynn says:

      I tried but just couldn t get into it There were some good scenes but I just didn t care about any of the characters and I had to make myself keep reading I really wanted to love it but it didn t capture me.

    30. Marybeth Kobland says:

      I loved this book I really like this author A story about revenge, very fast paced, keeps you guessing until the end about who really was the guilty party for running down Evan s fiance and killing his best friend I will definitely keep reading her books, looking for .

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