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Omega Jus Accardo The second book in the Infinity time travel series is full of action, romance, and an intricately designed roller coaster plot.One mistake can change everything Ashlyn Calvert finds that out the hard way when a bad decision leads to the death of her best friend, Noah Anderson.Only Noah isn t really gone Thanks to his parents company, the Infinity Division, there is a veThe second book in the Infinity time travel series is full of action, romance, and an intricately designed roller coaster plot.One mistake can change everything Ashlyn Calvert finds that out the hard way when a bad decision leads to the death of her best friend, Noah Anderson.Only Noah isn t really gone Thanks to his parents company, the Infinity Division, there is a version of him skipping from one dimension to another, set on revenge for the death of his sister, Kori When a chance encounter brings him face to face with Ash, he s determined to resist the magnetic pull he s felt for her time and time again Because falling for Ash puts his mission in danger.But there s going on in Ash s alternate universe than either of them knows a mysterious project called Omega A conspiracy spanning multiple Earths and revolving around none other than Ash Its creators would do anything to keep Omega secret Anything.. Omega The second book in the Infinity time travel series is full of action romance and an intricately designed roller coaster plot One mistake can change everything Ashlyn Calvert finds that out the hard
  • Title: Omega
  • Author: Jus Accardo
  • ISBN: 9781633758254
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 Blog on “Omega

    1. Carrie says:

      Ashlyn Calvert finds herself grieving her best friend Noah Anderson after having made one mistake in their relationship But Noah isn t completely gone from Ashlyn s life since thanks to the Infinity Division there is another version of Noah from another dimension that has just arrived in Ashlyn s life that needs help with his mission Noah has been skipping from one dimension to another set on revenge for the death of his sister in his own dimension He s come across other versions of Ash in other [...]

    2. Jen ♥Star-Crossed Book Blog♥ says:

      Omega was action packed, fast paced and so much fun And I loved being with these characters again They felt like a group of friends that I d known forever But before I even read the first page, I was a little nervous since this story would be told by different characters You see, in Infinity we followed Cade and Kori And in this story we followed Noah, who was Kori s brother from another realm, and Cade s best friend Plus we followed and finally met Ash Ash was a constant that always seemed to b [...]

    3. Morris says:

      Omega is a fun follow up to Infinity It expands nicely upon the science fiction aspect and adds depth to the original characters It also introduced new characters and points of view that were entertaining and expanded the universe a great deal If you enjoyed Infinity , then you are most likely going to love Omega This unbiased review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher.

    4. Hristina says:

      Such an awesome sequel.Much like in Infinity, the characters shine in Omega, but this time they re dealing with a slightly complex situation.I liked the shift in focus, it s always interesting to experience a story from a different character s POV In this case there were two new POVs, and at moments it could get repetitive, but it was still fast pace and intriguing throughout, especially to me as a huge romance fan Accardo s style is consistent, pleasant to read, and I can t wait to see what sh [...]

    5. L.P. Logan says:

      True rating, high 3 s.Eh, this one was just okay Not as great as the first book, but not horribly rotten either Just a bit better than right in the middle I attribute this largely due to the shifting viewpoints It was as if the same information had to be rehashed repeatedly by both of the narrators, which led me to feel as though the plot and plot crux was basically the same thing as book 1 It would have been effective to just stick with one narrator, as with book 1, and stop with the back and [...]

    6. Jessica says:

      I can t say much about this as it is the second in a series and I don t want to give any spoilers for book one, BUT a super solid 4.5 stars It jumps right in on the action and we get to see this other world with complexity and depth Our heros are still fighting this fight and from page one you are drawn in It s such a fast paced ride, I can t recommend enough.

    7. Kate (beautifulbookland) says:

      While Infinity was told in only Kori s POV, Omega is told in alternating dual POVs, and centres around Noah and Ash So after Kori joins Cade and Noah s Dylan hunting squad, the trio skip from dimension to dimension, determined to bring Dylan to justice When their cuffs begin to malfunction, however, they find themselves stuck in a particularly barbaric world, where society is set into tiers, and the lowest tiers are viewed as little than rubbish Ash is one such citizen She was a low tier citize [...]

    8. Shelley says:

      Source Publisher Genre Young Adult, Science Fiction Rating 3.5 My Thoughts Full Review Gizmos Reviews Omega, by author Jus Accardo, is the second installment in the author s The Infinity Division series When last we saw our time traveling duo of Noah Anderson, and Cade Granger, they had been joined by Kori Anderson who s father is in charge of the Infinity Division After coming face to face with the villainous Dylan Granger, who has made it his mission to kill every version of Kori in every worl [...]

    9. Melissa (YA Book Shelf) says:

      Seriously amazing I loved Infinity, but the romantic, hate to love vibe with a possibility of tragedy in Omega really did it for me I also loved how we get to see the characters I d already begun to love AND at the same time got to explore many other dimensions in the infinity world And that ending I can t wait to see where the story takes us in Alpha in 2018

    10. Danielle says:

      Infinity was good but, Omega was even better The Infinity Division is a series of books, which follow on, and they need to be read in order.Book one is Kori s Story, and Book two is her brother, Noah s addition The adventure continues as they try to catch Dylan This series contains an alternate reality so we meet characters we already know, however, their personalities differ In Omega, we find Noah s perfect match, Ash but is she his She had her own Noah, but could our Noah be the right one for [...]

    11. Kaite ~ my way by Starlight says:

      Can be read on my blog mywaybystarlight.wordpress Omega Infinity Division 2 Okay, I just want to say that I love novels I love reading And I adore interesting ideas With Omega, my very first Advanced Readers Copy ARC I thought I d hit the jackpot It was the second in a world, but they said you didn t need the first book, and the summary sounded interesting with multi dimensions, death, and a revenge plot Omega seemed to be everything you want to discover in a new book.And here it comes The big o [...]

    12. Sharon says:

      Although a sequel, Omega stands on its own as a time dimension thriller with snarky hot characters and a insane plot line What can I say but that I like snark and hot guys In the sequel to Infinity, Noah meets up with Ash Calvert in her world where class distinction puts her on the bottom rung of society This time, Noah tries to ignore their attraction for each other as he, his sister Kori and his best friend Cade search for Dylan, the guy who kills Kori in every dimension unless he can be stopp [...]

    13. kariny says:

      4.5 STARS I RECEIVED A FREE ARC FROM ENTANGLED TEEN IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Noah used to be Cade s best friend in his dimension and after his sister, Kori, died, he s been skipping through dimensions hell bent on revenge In every dimension he s managed to fight the pull he felt towards each of the Ash s but in this dimension, this Ash is different There s then just attraction and off the charts chemistry there s an actual connection We did see quite a few characters from book 1 but I h [...]

    14. Kim says:

      In this riveting sequel to Jus Accardo s Infinity, Noah, his best friend Cade and sister from another world, Kori, continue their quest via inter dimensional travel to find Dylan and put an end to his killing spree.Omega kicks off with a shootout and the action never stops In addition to searching for their nemesis Dylan, Noah is also trying to find Ashlyn Calvert She is a constant someone or something that s the same in multiple universes In every world they skip to, Noah sees himself together [...]

    15. Christine (allthingschristine) says:

      Disclaimer I was provided an e galley copy of this book by the publisher for review purposes They in no way influenced my review and all opinions are my own There are spoilers for the book in this review you have been warned Actual Rating 3.5 starsI loved the first book in the Infinity division series I don t read much science fiction and i read it to start to branch out of my niche of books and fell in love Noah was a surprise for me in the first book, I didn t think I would like his character [...]

    16. mith says:

      you can find this review and others over on my blog Like the first book, I am torn about this follow up On the one hand, I liked the two main characters, Noah and Ashlyn On the other, it had the same downfall Infinity had, which was its romance Omega is told through two perspectives, which is new from Infinity While it may seem like a companion novel, it isn t, so if you re interested in the series, definitely start with Infinity first Omega does have its own plot that s seemingly different than [...]

    17. Christy says:

      Having read and loved Infinity last year, I was so hyped for Omega All of the things I loved then the characters, their chemistry, inter dimensional travel, edge of your seat action return in full force in Omega All the versions of us have this crazy connection He wasn t in love with me I was never in love with him but it s like we couldn t help ourselves That s why he was so vehemently against anything ever happening between us We were drawn to each other like we are But you didn t have an Ashl [...]

    18. Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) says:

      Thank you to YA Reads Blog Tours and author Jus Accardo for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review Find this review and on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten Omega is the second novel in The Infinity Division series by Jus Accardo and is another action packed, romantic and thrilling tale of inter dimensional travel, danger and excitement that is even better than the first book in the series.Ashlyn Calvert lives in a world where your nominated tier impacts on almost e [...]

    19. Poulami says:

      Originally posted on Daydreaming Books I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I usually forget most details about a first book in a series till the 2nd one comes out but for this series, I remember pretty much everything And like the first one, this book didn t disappoint and I had a hard time putting this book down You can read my review of book 1 Infinity, here.After the incident which left Kori s cuff linked to Dylan, Cade and Noah jo [...]

    20. Olivia Farr says:

      Omega is a really fantastic continuation of the Infinity series even better than the first book Here, we switch focus to Noah, who we knew from the first book, and Ash, who we are meeting on a new world Noah and Ash are to each other what Cade and Kori are they often seem to end up together on other worlds We get alternating perspectives in this one, and I really think it helps to tell their story well thoroughly Ash s world took a detour from ours when Al Capone became president and instituted [...]

    21. Sonja says:

      I really liked how this book was told in duel point of views by Noah and Ashlyn I always think you get so much out of a story that way I probably enjoyed this one a bit than the last one too because it was Noah s story I really like that guy he always makes me laugh and I just love his personality It s even fun because him and Kori are so alike.Like I said, I love Noah Getting to know how he thinks and why he acts the way he does was great I was also a little surprised at the extra grief he h [...]

    22. Madison DeJulio says:

      This sequel has a totally different shift of focus from Infinity since it follows a different character s point of view But I still liked how it turned out.I d consider this book kind of as a separate story from the first This time, it follows Kori s brother Noah as he tries and successfully finds this girl he s always found in other dimensions, Ash In this world, there s a project called Omega which both Ash and Noah are trying to find about.The plot was slow in the beginning for me I think it [...]

    23. Stef (Noveltea Corner) says:

      Omega is the second book in The Infinity Division series, following the inter dimensional travels of Noah, Cade and Kori, as they try to track down a murderer across various versions of Earth.Or, at least, it should have been The majority of this book was spent building up the relationship and sexual tension between Noah and Ashlyn, a young woman who appears to be a constant in his life on all the alternate realities Noah has travelled to That in itself, isn t necessarily a bad thing although it [...]

    24. Kait says:

      Originally posted on The Fandom Dive back into the world of Jus Accardo s The Infinity Division series with Omega, the second book in the trilogy that follows fated characters as they chase a killer through the unpredictable multiverse Infinity followed Kori Anderson, a teen who discovered that her army general father heads up a top secret government organization that travels between parallel universes and the two bodyguards recently assigned to her, Noah and Cade, are from a completely differen [...]

    25. Karla says:

      The Infinity Divison world universe just got that much complex This time it s Noah and Ash s turn to be front and center, but it s not all pretty rainbows, unicorns, and happy ever afters of finding your own Kori Cade or Noah Ash, that constant and soulmate that s perfect you There s to Ash s earth than first meets the eye, and they re all introduced to a new program called Omega that s dark and mysterious and so dangerous that new factors are put into play When Noah, Kori and Cade land in a w [...]

    26. ☘Tara Sheehan☘ says:

      Accardo has created quite the clever series that readers should enjoy and take to heart her romantic view of people belonging together no matter the circumstances the whole idea of meant to be This being the second in her series you should read the first so you can get introduced the characters and how her series is set up This second book focuses on different characters and different settings as the first one focused on Kori while this one was Noah That first book, Infinity, was a good novel t [...]

    27. T. Rosado says:

      4 Stars The first book in the Infinity Division series Infinity was one of my favorite YA sci fi time travel parallel universe stories When I finished that book I was itching for the next and dreading the nine month wait for this one When I picked Omega up, it was like no time had passed and I was again thrust into Cade, Kori and Noah s world or some alternative version of it It s fair to say that the first book is my favorite, but I tend to have an affinity for origin stories Second books tend [...]

    28. Jennifer says:

      Another imaginative story in the Infinity Division series In Omega, the second in the series, we get to further flush out the group dynamics of our parallel universe traveling group, this time focusing on Noah, the brother of Kori, the focus of the first book As the group keeps pursuing Dylan, who is reeking havoc across universes, Noah encounters Ashlyn Calvert, to whom he feels a nearly irresistible connection in universe after universe The group gets wrapped up in a dark conspiracy involving [...]

    29. Gabrielle says:

      3.5 close to 4 I read the first book and was excited for the second The author just tweeted out that she finished a third one in the series I definitely did not like Noah as much as I liked Cade He would kiss Ash when they were arguing without consent Like it was so gross Also while I saw the the tension between Ash and Noah, I didn t get it But then again it wasn t really romanceough he couldn t stop saying how Ash was different, blah blah that he felt a pull with her I would like to have seen [...]

    30. Caro says:

      This was a fun adventure.We have Noah and Ash finding each other in this particular Earth There s a pull between them, but they both have their reasons to not pursue what they re feeling.I gotta say, out of the both I loved Ash the most, lol She s such a kickass girl, even with everything that s she s been through, she s still brave as hell Well, that makes her even kickass in my mind I truly wanted to get her out of that awful world into one that would appreciated her.Noah was cranky, but with [...]

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