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Reunion J.J. Harper Reunion M M Novella Because love deserves a second chance After being cast out by his family, Nico leaves his home town and his one true love Ryan behind A meeting of a fellow outcast leads him down a dark and ultimately dangerous road Discarded and left for dead, Nico is found by a man who helps him turn his life around, but even with success and fame Nico is lost w Reunion M M Novella Because love deserves a second chance.After being cast out by his family, Nico leaves his home town and his one true love Ryan behind A meeting of a fellow outcast leads him down a dark and ultimately dangerous road Discarded and left for dead, Nico is found by a man who helps him turn his life around, but even with success and fame Nico is lost without his love by his side The chance sighting of a Ten Year School Reunion on a social media site gives him the excuse to return home He needs to apologize to the man he still loves, hoping Ryan will accept it Deep down he wants Ryan back but imagines him married to a man who deserves him, not a coward that ran The ache for Ryan has been so strong and so real it has taken every ounce of strength I have to keep away, to let him lead his life without me With me being a deadbeat, a loser and no good for anyone Or so I ve been told Ryan retires from the army after the death of his mother, settling down again in his home town and his new life as a cop Still single, his heart has always belonged to the one man he wasn t able to keep As the reunion gets closer Ryan searches for his man s name as the list of attendees grows It s there Nico Angeles He s coming, he s coming home Will they be able to forget the past or has the last ten years apart been too long Warning Contains explicit hot gay sex and strong language Intended for audiences over 18 years of age. Reunion Reunion M M Novella Because love deserves a second chance After being cast out by his family Nico leaves his home town and his one true love Ryan behind A meeting of a fellow outcast leads him down a
  • Title: Reunion
  • Author: J.J. Harper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reunion J.J. Harper

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    1. Orange.Is.Happiness says:

      WOAH WOAH WOOOOOOAH TRIGGER WARNING HOLY SHIT shakes head and rubs eyes I.I just was NOT expecting that on the SECOND PAGE of the book One of our MMCs is a cop and he and his partner walk up onto 3 guys in an alley raping forcing oral sex on another man while screaming Faggot You like sucking dick so much then suck this GAH noooooooo I just wasn t prepared D x 2 minutes agoIf this book had an editor or Beta readers I would be SHOCKED Terrible.

    2. Seva Bivins says:

      I didn t finish the book because the editing was horrible I also couldn t empathize with Nico or Ryan Nico seemed very superficial and was supposedly heartbroken over leaving Ryan but admitted he had a blast right after he left him

    3. Lyn says:

      5% in and Wow Just no.

    4. Milica says:

      DNF at 25%Just some of the colourful examples of editing, or lack thereof Leaving Grande Valley was never part of my plan, I thought I would be with Ryan and that nobody would care, I had a great home life my parents were kind and loving so nothing prepared me for their reaction Walking over I watch his eyebrows rise and whether he is aware or not I see his hips jut forward, yeah I see you My dick strains against the zipper of my jeans, almost bursting out from my briefs, fuck I can feel the fl [...]

    5. MzBond says:

      Ok, I don t have to finish to say I m not liking some of the elements of this book For one the hyper sexuality that seems so intertwined within almost every scene comes off as inappropriate for lack of a better word I am by no means a prude, but I think you must be some kind of douche bag if you re thinking of burying yourself in your love interest mere hours after you witness him being sexually assaulted Not just sexually assaulted but severely beaten, suffering concussion and bruised ribs Like [...]

    6. Sara says:

      DNF 50%Madre m a que despidan al editor y Beta que ley ste libro y dej pasar todas sas faltas gramaticales Poniendo comas d nde no debe o no poni ndolas To seguido Mentalmente estaba corrigiendo las pausas Y los personajes no me llaman nada, muy superficiales

    7. Riayl says:

      Oh look, once again I manage to not love something that only has glowing reviews at least this time none of those reviews are from friends yet The writing seemed very unrefined to me, though I will say that I don t remember seeing a lot of errors on the other hand, I just read the book and don t really remember much about it period, so take that as you will It wasn t bad, but it could definitely use a good editor or possibly just experience polish on the author s part.

    8. Jewel Book Lover says:

      ARC received from the Author in exchange for an honest reviewDo you love hot, sexy men Well, this is the book for you Ryan has been left by Nico, the boy he loved, with a broken heart and without an explanation Ryan joined the Army and then went back to his home town to be a cop After 10 years, when the The Ten Year Reunion brings Nico to town again, everything changes My heart has always belonged to one man and one man only The man I ve just seen for the first time in ten long years Nico is wel [...]

    9. Heather Inker says:

      4.5 stars.Well damn me that was good.So if I could just place an order on for 1 Nico Angeles that would be awfully grand swoons I must get the next book in the series because I think I know who Marcus husband is Although it might be rather predictable, I still didn t see it coming Blind I am, even with glasses Onward marching SIDENOTE A lot of people in the reviews were having a go about how there was no trigger warning at the beginning, it was all argh no trigger warning TRiGGeR WARNInG NEEDED [...]

    10. Asia says:

      It was OK but seriously, a cliff hanger I hate cliff hangers From the beginning, Nico and Ryan both come to the reunion and meet each other after 10 years Old feelings burn again and they are trying to deal with their past A lot of sex and memories and sad things and even happy ones.Now we have to wait for the second part Of course, we don t know when it comes out view spoiler I think everyone knows that Tate is probably Ethan from the reaction Nico and Ryan had hide spoiler br br br br br br br [...]

    11. Theresa Shaw says:

      WowOmg this book was fantastic JJ , I ve been dying for this book for a while now I m just getting in to mm after reading this one I really am going to start reading was glued to this book hope u keep up with the mm books JJ this one was amazing , loved nico and Ryan glad they found each other again after 10yrs away from each other looking forward to see what happens in the book , this book is must read if u love mm

    12. Sue bowdley says:

      Another new author for meNico and Ryandamn they were hot togetherere was some very intense moments in this book and some also very intense sex scenes tooese two can really go for itThe next book i think is going to be really goodThe ending was good even though it left you thinkingd I m thinking Tate might just not be TateExcellent read x

    13. Rachel Emily says:

      I m sorry, but I don t know how this book has 5 star reviews Or 3 or 4 for that matter DNF.

    14. Xavier Neal says:

      Great read ifyou enjoy M M Romance, hot reads, drama, tough situations, second chance romances, and a cliffhanger.Side Note I really wish 3.5 was an option because that s what I would ve honestly given this book More than three but less than four I enjoyed the concept I enjoyed the premise I enjoy two people finding the love of their lives again The sex was okay at times, better at others At times it was just unnecessary to me I understand they were hot and heavy and bothered but after a point I [...]

    15. DTM says:

      WowI liked this book a lot was hot and sweet and a little angstydidn t know there was a cliff hanger Hopefully the next one will be out soon

    16. Tracy Philips says:

      Awesome read I love these two Can t wait for the next in the series

    17. Miracles says:

      Sometimes a little less can be much .I think, there were not five pages without sex The story suffers

    18. Love Bytes Reviews says:

      4.5 Heart Review by KatThis is another new to me author I had been hearing about this new novella coming out and I am a huge sucker for second chance romances After reading the blurb I just knew I had to read it One of the things I could never fathom is a parent parents totally abandoning their child because they come out to them This is the baby you carried for nine months and the child that you have nurtured and raised for 18 years Both of these men seemed to have been only children I have suc [...]

    19. Chris Kottner-Kirschner says:

      Nach Jahren in der Armee und diversen Auslandseins tzen, ist Ryan zur ck in seine Heimatstadt gekommen um dort als Cop zu arbeiten Bei einem Einsatz trifft er ausgerechnet auf Nico, der ihn vor zehn Jahren ber Nacht und ohne ein Wort zu sagen, verlassen hat Nico, der kaum zur ck in der alten Heimat, Opfer eines Gaybashings wird, konnte Ryan nie vergessen Und das 10 Jahrestreffen ihrer Schule ist nur ein Vorwand f r seine R ckkehr Er will zu Ryan zur ck und sich erkl ren Doch die Zeit ist an ihne [...]

    20. Terri Turner says:

      Much anticipated release from J J Harper and a change from her normal work This is an M M novella, and I m not complaining because this is one of my favoutite genre Well written and the words flowed off the page, and it was much longer than most novella s I have previously read, so no complaints there either Nico and Ryan were lovers in their teens, torn apart by circumstance and prejudice, they have been separated for ten years There is a reunion arranged and Nico decides to come back to town h [...]

    21. Louisa Mae says:

      Where do I start with this book It s a tough one, other than to say why have I not read this sooner This has been sat on my Kindle for a while and I am annoyed at myself for not picking it to read sooner.This was the first book I ve read by this author, and it certainly will not be the last, I can assure you of that.What happens when the first person you ever loved suddenly comes back to town for a school reunion What if you ve been through so much, seen so much in the missing years you wonder i [...]

    22. Fee says:

      I was so excited to hear that JJ Harper was doing an M M book that I was eagerly waiting for it to be released And let me tell you, now that I ve finished, it was defiantly worth the wait I read in one sitting as I couldn t put the book down.Even though this was a Novella it had impact It was about Nico and Ryan and giving their love a second chance I was so involved with both characters that they became all too real in my mind I was captivated and loving them right from the start They were pass [...]

    23. Rachel Hendry says:

      A much anticipated release, a deviation from this authors usual writing works, but despite that it was simply her best work to date.It had many elements that I love in a story, M M and a really good second chance love story to boot and I was excited to meet both Ryan Nico, and now I have I m just as excited for you to meet them as well.These boys, and yes I have adopted them as mine, and yes I will fight you for them, have worked their way into my head and into my heart with their love, friendsh [...]

    24. Deanna Against Censorship says:

      Two young lovers Ten years Can there be a second chance for two men who have never stopped loving each other Ryan has never understood why Nico left.Since the day Nico left me, I haven t had a long term partner I ve only been with men to scratch th itch, crude I know but true My heart has always belonged to one man and one man only The man I ve just seen for the first time in ten long years.I can feel Carly s eyes watching me as I watch Nico It s him isn t it Ry He s the one you love Her voice i [...]

    25. Amo & Sarah & says:

      Reviewed by Sarah for ASBC I ve been trying to get round to reading this book for so long now and just never got there, so I when I heard that book 3 Elysium was releasing that was it I vowed to read it I m so glad I did Reunion is a M M book and do I love a MM book omg yes I do I love Ryan and Nico This is a second chance romance and from the first page JJ Harper draws you in and grabs a hold of you with her amazing writing skills Ryan and Nico have spent the last 10 years apart When Nico retur [...]

    26. T.M. Payne says:

      Book ReunionAuthor J.J HarperPublication Date 1 13 2016Reviewed by Tammy Payne Book Nook Nuts My Rating 4 Stars REVIEW May contain spoilers New to me author M M GenreIn this book we have Ryan and Nico They have loved each other since school and then out of nowhere Nico leaves without even a word to Ryan Nico did not know how to tell Ryan what happened with his family and the reason he left They both have demons and it is time to come clean Nico lets Ryan know everything and I mean everything he [...]

    27. Meledy Blumberg says:

      This is the first book of JJ Harper s that i have read i love m m books they are alot better than some of the romance books well this one is right up there with the awesomeness loved it You have Ryan who knows lost he has seen a lot of things in the war and when he came home he became a police officer being a gay man and in the force he had to gain respect in this small town and he did even after Nico destroyed him when they were young When there high school reunion comes up and Ryan is hoping t [...]

    28. joani says:

      Good storyLikable characters and a story which has a lot of potential I have a big problem with the way both sets of parents reacted Nico parents just kick him out but never regretted it That s it,they just stopped loving their only son Rhys mother leaves him not because he is gay but because he was dumped What parent would do that That is just a really stupid reason to not want to be around your own child Especially a motherI am a mother and there is nothing on this GOD given earth that would s [...]

    29. Jo Overfield says:

      OMG This is my first MM book I loved it The characters Nico and Ryan were awesome, and I immediately fell in love with both of them The storyline is so good The book I feel helps deal with the issues society brings about regarding how love should be perceived I fell head over heels for this couple, rallying for them, cheering them on, and feeling my heartstrings being tugged I m so into what s happening, and where the story is going, I didn t see two people the same I saw two people in love figh [...]

    30. Natalie Weston says:

      Holy Hotness I don t even know where to start I ll start with I loved this book I have found that m m can be tricky at times Either its all sex which don t get me wrong can sometimes be good or the story line just drags on That is not the case with Reunion The story is great, it grabbed my attention right from the start and I couldn t put it down There are times when your heart is breaking for these two amazingly strong men and then you re smiling right along with them You can really feel the lo [...]

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