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A strange Beginning (Byron #1)
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A strange Beginning (Byron #1) Gretta Curran Browne He was later to become known as The most beautiful and most famous man in England but not yetBeginning when he is a boy of ten years old, we join George Gordon when he is living a miserable life with his manic Scottish mother in a few rented rooms above a shop in Aberdeen unaware that his true surname is not Gordon, and that his true heritage is with the English arHe was later to become known as The most beautiful and most famous man in England but not yetBeginning when he is a boy of ten years old, we join George Gordon when he is living a miserable life with his manic Scottish mother in a few rented rooms above a shop in Aberdeen unaware that his true surname is not Gordon, and that his true heritage is with the English aristocracy who soon come to claim him.A life of wealth and privilege is then bestowed upon him, which eventually sets the stage for him to prove his own individual worth, in his own way, and in his own time.Meticulously researched, and adapted into novel form, A Strange Beginning is the first of a series of books about the most iconic young man of his time, whose fame still lives on today My name alone shall be my epitaph.. A strange Beginning Byron He was later to become known as The most beautiful and most famous man in England but not yetBeginning when he is a boy of ten years old we join George Gordon when he is living a miserable life with
  • Title: A strange Beginning (Byron #1)
  • Author: Gretta Curran Browne
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  • Page: 399
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A strange Beginning (Byron #1) Gretta Curran Browne

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    1 Blog on “A strange Beginning (Byron #1)

    1. Eishinas says:

      A biographical reality appealing than fiction.I kept growing up with George Gordon or Lord Byron, at the turn of every page as author Gretta Curran enriched my knowledge and curiosity with her biographical novel.Author Curran has showcased her talent of writing a well thought and well researched read by capturing the very basic moments, emotional outbursts and events in life of Lord Byron, weaving into an engrossing tale of life struggle through a disturbing and troubled childhood growing into [...]

    2. Ann says:

      Like so many, I had learned little about Byron, and read just tiny snippets of his work as assignments in high school I knew next to nothing about his childhood or even that he walked with a limp from a deformed foot This was an easy read and I found myself fascinated about his early life which so clearly defined him.This first book covers his early childhood up to his age of 22 yrs old His relationship with his mother, his sexual abuse as a child and how he found animals loving and trustworthy [...]

    3. Gin Hunt says:

      THE BEST I really thought that reading this book would be good for my literary knowledge but probably not too entertaining I was so wrong The author has allowed me to get to know and love Lord Byron All the characters came to life There were people in his life I would like to have banished to a desert island and others I wanted to bestow awards and accolades on for their live and loyalty Even the animals were given life and made me wish they were all mine This book is so well written you might t [...]

    4. Janet Mahlum says:

      I think two stars is a generous rating I started out liking it, but it grew tedious and boring the I read I read it on my Kindle and EVERY Kindle page had an italicized WORD I got SO tired of READING all those STRESSED words Also, I wanted to get out my red pen and correct all the grammatical errors Who IS editing books these days Although the description of the book says, meticulously researched, I got out my Byron poetry book and read the biographical sketch it included Although some of the d [...]

    5. Sandra Turner says:

      Interesting readI do not know much about Lord Byron, but found the author s descriptions of him interesting Especially the psychological perspective of his personality His relationship with his mother, friends and servants describe a complex mind full of contradicting thoughts and emotions, yet very likable I also liked Byron s poetry interspersed throughout the narrative Would recommend to anyone who likes poetry and an introduction to Lord Byron.

    6. Laticia says:

      Lord Byron I gave this book a 4 because the beginning did not hold my attention for than a little at a time However, halfway through I couldn t wait to continue A Strange Beginning gave me insight and a better understanding of Lord Byron I am excited to continue the series I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.

    7. Phyllis says:

      This is the first in a series and begins when George Gordon is ten years old He lives with his manic mother who at times loves him and then ridicules him When an old uncle dies in England they move from Scotland to his ancestral home in England and he becomes Lord Byron Well researched and well written with a little of his poetry working its way into the story.

    8. Olga Wojtas says:

      I very nearly chucked this away while reading the prologue no 18th century Doric speaking Aberdonian urchins would have shouted Come an see the laddie wi the club foot But I stuck with this first volume of Gretta Curran Browne s Byron series and found it interesting and entertaining It s not great literature, but I don t think it claims to be She has certainly done her research, and her novel presents a plausible account of Byron s early life, backed by judicious use of his poetry I wasn t impre [...]

    9. Rosemary Noble says:

      I have read several of Ms Browne s biographical fiction and have found all of them entertaining and informative Although densely packed with historical detail, the author demonstrates a light touch so that the reader does not become overwhelmed In this book, she interweaves Byron s poetry skillfully so that it becomes an integral part of the story Her characters, even animals are empathetic and well drawn I always feel at the end of her books that she must have known these characters, lived with [...]

    10. Ladory says:

      I loved this book It s all about Lord Byron s early life up to the age of 23 It is the first in a series Gretta Curran Browne has become one of my all time favorite authors I love historical fiction and this author apparently does meticulous research so there is a lot of fact in her books I have read the entire MacQuarie series and will continue reading the Lord Byron series I also read one about an uprising in Ireland.Lord Byron was a most delightful character and is said to be Britain s first [...]

    11. Amanda Squires says:

      Byron, Lord Byron unknown and revisitedI began this book not aware that the contents was revealing of a real person How accurate I don t know At this moment, I, prefer to think it biographical If so, I am happy to learn of a figure I hav heard of but knew nothing about Although wealthy and titled in the end, in the beginning and throughout his young life, he is melancholy and tormented by loss His solitude and love of animals is wholly understandable by those who, him have likewise suffered I am [...]

    12. Diane Hales says:

      Worth the investmentWhen you re in the mood for a sweeping historical novel that has been well researched for historical accuracy then please pick up a Gretta Curran Browne book.I enjoyed this first installment in the Byron series so much so that I did further research on my own to learn Her vivid portrayal of his life and times drew me in I now look forward to the remainder of the story.

    13. Susan Stewart says:

      I like to read fiction, history, and biographies The best combination for me is a novel based on facts such as A Strange Beginning I ve read another book that dealt with Lord Byron during his adulthood in London This book is about his childhood and the struggles he managed to live through It was interesting reading and well written I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in Lord Byron and his poetry.

    14. Triin says:

      I was buzzing to read the novel and to learn about Byron a true superstar of the era Unfortunately this was not what I found There were no sizzling details about his notorious lovelife Even the historic details were generic it had a long list of names Byron partied and had fiery intellectual conversations with, but the reader doesn t get a clue of the topics they might have discussed to get a better picture of the time period The best part of the book were his poems.

    15. Patricia says:

      A strange beginning is an understatement Young George Gordon must deal with his poverty and his disability His overbearing mother has serious mental health issues, perhaps bi polar The maid is evil This novel the first in a series covers his life from age 10 to 23 early life in Scotland, his inheritance and title, education, poetry, and travel abroad I ll admit that I know little about Byron but intend to learn .No sexNo vilence

    16. Rhona Crawford says:

      So, after standing in the neverending queue at Home Affairs, I finally finished this book Very unlike anything I read this year, but truly making a soul destroying experience worthwhile I now have a clearer idea of who Lord Byron really was as a young man and may even consider reading the other books in this series if it crosses my path

    17. Jo says:

      The first part was, frankly, not that engaging, and I found myself skimming parts of it But once young George inherited his title and went off to his new school, I couldn t flip pages fast enough And his mother was so over the top dramatic and crazy that I was honestly happy for poor Byron when she finally died.

    18. Ralph Boroughs says:

      A Pleasure to readHistorical fiction that brings Byron to life It would be interesting to know how much is historically accurate The author makes much use of Byron s poetry and correspondence to weave rich story.

    19. Katie says:

      It was okIt s written well enough and it is interesting But I struggled to read it over several months It simply didn t suck me in the way many books do But then, my interest in Byron IAS extremely casual, so that may be a contributing factor.

    20. carolyn prouse says:

      FascinatingThis book drags you into a world that you dipped into at school but never really learnt about Except a few of his poems, you don t want to read on but you must because it brings the man and his world to life who knew he had been such an explorer Very good

    21. Carol says:

      Compelling story of the brilliant Lord ByronStrong character development, bringing them to life Lord Byron is so beautifully portrayed I fell in love I am sure to follow his life adventure in the series.

    22. EILEEN ROTH says:

      A Strange BeginningGetting to know Lord Byron was a wonderful journey At times I felt like I was feeling his misery and his sensitivity I enjoyed this book immensely and I look forward to the next book.

    23. Renee Kennedy says:

      Could not put it down Cant wait for book 2Her style of description is classically humorously appealing, you can almost sense the human traits, smiles and Woe s Read in two days on holidays

    24. Patricia Kohler says:

      Couldn t put it downI chose to read this book series because Lord Byron is one of my favorite poets The adaptation of real events is done very well and I cannot wait to read the next book.

    25. Paula says:

      Totally engrossing, surprising read about the early life of the poet Lord Byron the book covers through age 23 At one point, I was What really Then I did a little digging and was amazed at the biographical accuracy Well written Now, I want to actually read some Byron myself.

    26. Bette Lentz says:

      Absorbing ReadI knew little of Lord Byron before reading this This is well written in the period and must have taken much research to get the detail The characters are well written, making me either like them or not Worth reading for Anglophiles.

    27. Tina Naples says:

      A fascinating review of Byron s early life Fictionalised but true to what we know and a very good read Will probably go on to read vol.2.

    28. Phyllis Manning says:

      Reading about Lord ByronI have changed my opinion about Lord Byron from a poet I don t understand to a real flesh and blood man who felt the same emotions as we do.

    29. Julianne Peakes says:

      I feel that I knew him Studied him in college and was impatient with his symbolism and rhyme Now I intend to read it all again because Browne made him real

    30. Gordon Ehler says:

      Enjoyed this account of Byron s early life Interesting character development.

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