Amelia Gates
All In (Soul Seductors #1)
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All In (Soul Seductors #1) Amelia Gates There are rules to being a soul seductor Take than you give Aim for purity Seduce and vacate Do not fail And most importantly, do not fall in love.No one knows what happens when you break them because no one s ever tried.HAWKEI love my life Hate the hand I ve been dealt but love the power I hold Unfortunately power comes with a price The only family we know arThere are rules to being a soul seductor Take than you give Aim for purity Seduce and vacate Do not fail And most importantly, do not fall in love.No one knows what happens when you break them because no one s ever tried.HAWKEI love my life Hate the hand I ve been dealt but love the power I hold Unfortunately power comes with a price The only family we know are the ones who are just like us the men who backed away from the light and answered to the devil s calling.I m different from most I wasn t given a choice Someone else chose for me Still, it s the only hand I have the only cards I can lay on the table I m content with being great content with having a past that s worse than my future Everything was okay Everything was just fucking fine But then Zorn had to disappear and fuck all that up I don t have a past that consumes me I know no life better than the one I live now He did He chased it Now, I m chasing him And in the process, I m breaking every damn rule a soul seductor abides by including falling for her LORELEIMy sister s a nut job My dad s two shades away from dead And then there s me Retired normal person, aspiring criminal I m doing what criminals do running for my life Except it s not the law I m running from I messed with the wrong guy, bought a debt I couldn t repay He won t stop until he finds me and I won t stop running until I get caught You d think that would be enough to make me want to back into a safe corner No My dad s on his deathbed and it ll take a great deal of money to buy him a decent life So I run from one criminal into the arms of another In one night, I ve had a gun pointed at my head, stolen two cars, watched a man have brains blown over a poker table and to top it all off, I kissed a psychopath Now the psycho wants He won t stop until he gets and I m at the opposite end of the spectrum But there s one huge problem the he s looking for isn t a I have to give.. All In Soul Seductors There are rules to being a soul seductor Take than you give Aim for purity Seduce and vacate Do not fail And most importantly do not fall in love No one knows what happens when you break them because
  • Title: All In (Soul Seductors #1)
  • Author: Amelia Gates
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • All In (Soul Seductors #1) Amelia Gates

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    1. S.M. West says:

      3.5 SOUL STARSThis book reeled me in real quick I really enjoyed the pace at which it startede unanswered questions and the fact that the heroine, Lorelei, didn t succumb to the sexy yet man whore soul seductor, Hawke were all pluses in my book.Lorelei s on the run, from what and why we have no clue As she stands surreptitiously at the corner of a building, she catches the eye of Hawke From here, they have an encounter, she steals his Maserati, which he lets her get away with, and then we re tak [...]

    2. ✿ says:

      I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you All in all, this book was okay in general It has potential and space to develop, but, for me it had have some problems and issues with its plot and character execution and certain holes in it that made it hard to connect with from time to time.Over all though, not bad But could also use some fine tuning a bit.

    3. Kelli C ~ Jack Sawyer's Heart says:

      DNF 38%So it pains me to NOT finish a book That is not the kind of reader I am, esp when I was provided the book for an honest review Since I did not finish the book, I will not unfairly rate it Basically, from the first third I did get through, I could not get anywhere into the story This read starts out fast and it felt as if it started at the end of another book, or perhaps in the middle of another I had no idea what was going onmeone was missingd a group of friends were on a mission to find [...]

    4. DW says:

      I was hooked pretty much from the beginning when Hawke and Lorelei meet Hawke is a soul seductor and has a quota to meet every month When he meets Lorelei he knows that he wants needs her but she is on the run and does not have time to be seduced by his charms She gets herself into some trouble so he decides to help her He is falling for her and that can be very dangerous for them both I wish that I knew about the other soul seductors and why they sold their souls to the devil It doesn t exactl [...]

    5. Charlie says:

      DNF at 20%I just couldn t get into this, it wasn t for me It sounded really interesting but unfortunately the writing was not my style I was really looking forward to reading it so I m quite disappointed.I found the male main character s voice crude and cringey, it didn t work for me unfortunately The incessant cursing in every sentence just made him sound like an uneducated moron and it got on my nerves I m not going to rate this since I couldn t finish it I received a copy of this book in exch [...]

    6. Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite says:

      3.5 STARS Review to come.

    7. Tanja ~ KT Book Reviews says:

      I wanted very much t like this, however it just didn t do it for me.

    8. Georgina Parkin says:

      I received an ARC for an honest review.This sounded so interesting when the author emailed me Maybe I should have read a sample first because the writing wasn t for me at all I expected something different from the story than I got and was left unsatisfied I guess you could say I wouldn t say I hated it and it was horrible, because I was at a point where I didn t want to read any but I was curious enough to continue to figure out what was happening with certain things.Those things however were n [...]

    9. Innergoddess_Booklover says:

      Thanks to the author for providing me with an ARC.Finished reading All In Soul Seductors novel.Very interesting readGoing to be honest at first I wasn t getting into the story it wasn t getting my attention got kinda lost But I don t like leaving books unread , so I stuck it out and I never read a book with some paranormal stuff but it took me by surprise so after some odd pages it got very interesting and had me intrigued plus I had to know what was going to happen next and come to find out I e [...]

    10. says:

      A big thanks to the author for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review With that being said, I must mark it DNF 70% with a generous 2 star rating for what I did read.I can t get into the characters or the story overall It started out strong but Hawke is seriously lacking in the leading man department The racial slang is completely unnecessary and I felt the author was trying too hard to make these characters come across as badass This isn t a bad book, it had it s moments for sure, tho [...]

    11. Avephoenix says:

      ABSOLUTELY AMAZING 4.75 STARS ALL IN SOUL SEDUCTORS by Amelia Gates I called it how I see it We all have different taste and likes, but when I have been around over 700 books in less than two years, I have never been across to story like this, and it was refreshing Maybe my luck, but I ve been handed and mostly purchased pretty good books lately, and ALL IN is one of those books.All In by Amelia Gates is sexy, captivating, suspenseful, intense, exceptionally well developed, lots of steamy and ho [...]

    12. booksanatomy says:

      this review originally appeared hereI think this book has so much potential but it s hindered by all things profane In the outline of thoughts I made for this book, there is 1.5 out of the 7.5 items I like about it I m honestly fond of the story Gates created a world with Soul Seductors, people who had sold their souls to the devil and walked the earth to take others for their lord through carnal means Apparently, souls are most vulnerable at sex which I kinda agree but this one here is for seri [...]

    13. Sofia Lazaridou says:

      I believe that the two stars I am giving to this book is than enough I had most of this review in my head before I even reached 60% of the book and I am warning you this isn t going to be pretty and it will have some spoilers The only good thing about my whole history with the book is that the author was as honest as she could be without giving me spoilers when asked her if there was cheating in this book She said no at least not in the traditional sense and she was right The bad thing is that [...]

    14. Kristi Metcalf says:

      I received a copy for a honest reviewOk, let me start with I had no clue what a Soul Seducer was, i guess i could have figured it out but i had never heard of one A soul seducer is like a bounty hunter, It s their job to win your soul over to the devil, whether its from the best sex of your life or just wanting out of life, all you have to do is say I give you my soul and its his These are people that either have sold their own soul or as in Hawke s case, had theirs sold by their parent so that [...]

    15. Catherine Calesworth says:

      I wrench the kisses from his lips like a woman deprived of satisfaction and stupidly, so so stupidly, I follow his lead, unbuckle my own seatbelt and take as much of him as I can in this tight space.I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel by Miss Gates It s amazingly written, touched than a few soft spots in my heart and had me gasping and cringing and unable to break eye contact with my kindle The soul seductors are on a quest to find their friend and fellow soul seductor, Zorn We re taken on [...]

    16. Melanie Adkins says:

      Hawke, Payne, Kraze and Maria Maria are looking for their friend He s of a brother than a friend They are worried about what he s doing and where he s at Zorn has managed to stay under the radar Hawke just wants to find Zorn before he does something really stupid On his way to a meeting about Zorn, Hawke meets Lorelei To him, she s perfect He s not sure about the feelings Lorelei brings out in him but he does know one thing, he ll NEVER hurt her Lorelei is just trying to stay alive Hawke is cut [...]

    17. Penny says:

      Awesomesauce Hawke has never known a life different from the one he s been living all along until she came Lorelei is everything Hawke wants in a woman and then some All In is a novel that reeled me in from the get go The characters are well thought through and well developed which made it very easy for me to not only connect with them but also look forward to learning about each and every one of them The love story between Lorelei and Hawke is intense I must say that there are a few twists and [...]

    18. Melissa Fisher says:

      Different and intriguingThere are so many things going on in this book at once that for awhile it was a little confusing Tho I have to say I dug in and stayed the course and continued reading And I am glad that I did Amelia s imagination is both different and intriguing Soul Seductors haven t heard that before and sadly I kinda would like to meet one A man so perfect that after just one night he ll have you giving up your soul Then there is Lorelei She s a strong heroine who will do anything to [...]

    19. Alice says:

      Wow Never read anything like this story Not sure what to say because I am stunned into silence This is the craziest plot I have ever heard or read about, but I could not put it down I am amazed that someone could write a story such as this My eyes are wide open now and my brain is in overdrive for sure If you are into reading a story regarding evil and the devil then this is surely the book for you Since I have never read a book like this before, I have to say I believe the author did a great jo [...]

    20. Candice says:

      All inWell that was a very interesting read And that ending might have just killed me I really liked the characters and there back stories even though some were rough Good book Kept my attention and left me wanting .

    21. Tracy says:

      I m not sure How feel about this book I love the story line of Hawke and Lorelei But it s confusing at parts But all in all it was an interesting read I suggest you read it.

    22. LisaReadsAlot says:

      I was hooked almost immediate however, I struggled towards the middle I still thought the storyline was descent 3.5 Stars to All In by Amelia Gates.

    23. Kay says:

      kept me on my toes and hawke omg sounds hotter than hot lol

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