Carl Goodman
Black Sands
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Black Sands Carl Goodman I want my fucking money he screamed.He pointed the gun at Jackie Aziz You I recognise you Why did you say that Why did you say that about the bank She knelt Frozen, too scared to move or speak He snapped open the barrel You really are going to tell me, he whispered, and slipped another blood red round into the gun.Danny Bowen is the reluctant hacktivist who fou I want my fucking money he screamed.He pointed the gun at Jackie Aziz You I recognise you Why did you say that Why did you say that about the bank She knelt Frozen, too scared to move or speak He snapped open the barrel You really are going to tell me, he whispered, and slipped another blood red round into the gun.Danny Bowen is the reluctant hacktivist who founded Nameless, the collective with attitude and ability whose exposure of global surveillance shook the world But bringing down governments wasn t part of Danny s plan, and he got out before things went too far Most of the collective found themselves in jail, only the brilliant Cassandra managed to outwit the security services Danny might have retained his freedom but he s lost everything else His best friends, his job, and part of himself Now he s a lonely ex black hat with a mark against his name, scraping a living in information security But someone wants his attention Hired to investigate an attack on Hamilton Private Equity he instead uncovers a plot on an unimaginable scale It s no coincidence somebody wants him to take the job Danny knows that on Zero Day ordinary people will bear the brunt of this next attack It s his last chance to atone for his failures, and to prove he s still the best Hooked into a deadly race with a group of ultra violent Russian Mafia and a sociopathic search engine billionaire Danny must find the key before it s too late He has nothing to lose They have everything to gain Literally, everything.. Black Sands I want my fucking money he screamed He pointed the gun at Jackie Aziz You I recognise you Why did you say that Why did you say that about the bank She knelt Frozen too scared to move or speak He snap
  • Title: Black Sands
  • Author: Carl Goodman
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  • Page: 352
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Black Sands Carl Goodman

    • [E-Book] Õ Black Sands | by ☆ Carl Goodman
      352 Carl Goodman
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    1. Nora Black says:

      Fiercely entertaining Packed with energy, riveting techno facts and mesmerizing characters This is one hell of a read In the age of information overload most of the concepts in this book, like the Darknet, or Onion sites should be well known to readers, however, I don t think they really are This book pushes all the dimly lit internet dirt right into the realm of the ordinary Joe, it highlights the hidden boundaries of the age we live in succinctly and with in depth knowledge than any other I [...]

    2. Chris says:

      You don t have to be a computer geek to know that if the black hats take over the web, we re all in a heap of trouble If you are one, you ll find this techno thriller to be a frightening forecast of what could happen In the current news cycles we are seeing hacking attacks in almost every walk of life This book is prescient Danny Bowen, a hacktivist trying to recover his reputation with a skill set that is tops in the industry, is challenged by a tech savvy group of sociopaths out to takeover al [...]

    3. Julianne Williams says:

      Holy grammar fail, Batman As a writer who does use sentence fragments for dramatic effect, I am certainly not a grammar fiend, but holy moses the sentence fragments piles of them, hitched together like train cars sometimes even changing the implied subject without actually naming the new implied subject WHAT And so incredibly overused that it lost any dramatic effect as a literary tool It just read as choppy and awkward, and at times almost seemed like the author were stream of consciousness dra [...]

    4. Todd Kinsey says:

      Black Sands is a fast paced thriller that asks many questions facing society today Chief among them, how much are we willing to allow computers and machines to take over for humans in the dawn of AI Carl Goodman has written a well researched novel that is Clancyesque in its detail His knowledge of financial markets and computer systems is impressive to say the least Goodman is an author to be watched

    5. Martha Cotton says:

      Wow While the pacing gets bogged down a time or two, I found myself coming back what happens next The author has done an amazing job of giving us a glimpse into one possible future I kept thinking, as I read it, I would love to see the filmed version While it s necessarily heavy on explanation, it manages also to be fast paced, with very high stakes And I liked the main characters, flaws and all Good first novel

    6. Bob Clarkson says:

      Very good to excellant but not perfect I would put it at a solid 4.5 or 9 on a 10 point scale , and rounding made it a 5.The story started a little slow with the introduction of a number of characters making it a little confusing to start, but when the author hit second gear it blasted off.A number of other reviewers will tell yuo about the srory, so I ll tell you about the structure.You can read this story without resetting your mind for major grammatical or spelling errors Many readers will to [...]

    7. Charles Ray says:

      Danny Bowen was an activist hacker who founded a group called Nameless, designed to expose the global surveillance network When the group started looking at bringing down governments, Bowen said no, and jumped ship just in time, as a crackdown led to the other members of Nameless going to prison The others, that is, except the brilliant hacker Cassandra who managed to outwit the authorities.When Bowen, who is trying to change his black hat hacker status to something respectable, is hired to inv [...]

    8. Dave says:

      I found this techno thriller very realistic and therefore very scary Could the financial markets be electronically looted by skilled black hat hackers Quite possibly this could happen, so it was believable Although the book kept me engaged until the end, I have a few quibbles that kept me from giving it stars First, the editing was very sloppy there were dozens of instances where the wrong word was used, even though it was spelled correctly Some examples your instead of you re and vice versa , [...]

    9. Teresa says:

      If you re a computer geek or love conspiracy theories, then this will probably suit you fine Lots of computer speak to boggle the mind, and a plot whose repercussions should it actually happen will boggle the mind even It all sounds too plausible and therefore keeps the pages turning if only to satisfy the curiosity as to how the 21st century may go, but I found the typos irksome There were probably an average of one a page, and bearing in mind that someone, whether it be the author or proofrea [...]

    10. Matthew says:

      I struggled a bit with this book only in that the potential for something like this COULD conceivably happen Identity theft currently only committed by humans is just the starting point for the potential mass devastation outlined in Mr Goldman s story Technologically speaking we are probably only a few decades away from developing a feasible AI and I m not afraid to admit that I question whether we are truly ready for it The possible ramifications good AS WELL AS bad are limitless I, for one, am [...]

    11. Debbie J says:

      Black Sands is a legal, crime, and techno thriller wherein I learned that in the UK they call hydroplaning, aquaplaning.I don t entirely understand the story, largely owing to the surplus of mind numbing techie talk The narrative also could use better editing given the multiple spelling and grammatical errors.Nonetheless, after what the US suffered during 2008 and 2009, I can appreciate a cautionary tale about a country s complete financial system failure due to deliberate, large scale criminal [...]

    12. Diana Febry says:

      An enjoyable, fast paced thriller, if a little complex I ve read a few books recently dealing with cyber terrorism considering what would happen if a criminal mind took control of electronic communications and only a white hat hacker could save the situation my mistake if I ve used the wrong terminology This book is an interesting addition to the genre but I think it may appeal to people with a greater understanding of the internet and the way money is electronically transferred, than I have.Fa [...]

    13. Victor Muthoka says:

      Excellent Fiction Take On the SingularityThis was a very, very entertaining read for me Danny Bowen, hacker extraordinaire former founder of the hacking collective Nameless works as a pen tester for security systems He s approached by a private equity firm that s lost 30 million mysteriously.Michael Learner is a hedge fund manager billionaire who s ready to take out the economic system for his gain Roegen is the algorithmic AI system in the middle of the drama.This is a super great read for any [...]

    14. NancyMiller says:

      GREATThis held my attention and I enjoyed every word while I am almost computer and technology ignorant I am almost 80 years old with a 98 experience I taught second grade and hopefully some of my students can relate to this happening Second graders do and did have the mindset and talent to take off and run with technology Yes, teachers do deserve the credit for our future Your teachers did a great job educating you Nancy Jean Miller

    15. Kkmcwhirt says:

      This book is so relevant to our world today and I enjoyed reading it There was plenty of tech talk but the author did a nice job of balancing this with explanations so the reader wouldn t get lost I found the characters to be believable and was pleasantly surprised with the plot twists The only thing that I didn t care for were the editing errors If those weren t in the book, I may have given this 5 stars.

    16. Stacei says:

      ScaryBlack Sands made you think about how we are living in a digital age and it may not be the best thing for us This story shows how through computer hacking manipulating you can destroy an entire country I am not the most computer savvy, but I suspect most of the circumstances in this book could happen now or in the not too distant future This book was a bit too long then somewhat abruptly ended It will definitely make you think.

    17. Tulay says:

      Believe story.Greece about to collapse, China markets free falling and our markets don t know what to do Definitely this wasn t the day to read this book Technical wording, some I had to look up, but was safe with metric system If hackers took over electronic financial transactions processing, what could happen Who guards the guardians

    18. Vickie says:

      I suppose this is something that could happenI found this book hard to get into at times The plot of computers being smart and taking over could possibly happen There was deceit, violence, murder, mystery in the book I suppose if higher technology is part of you, you might enjoy it than I did.

    19. Tere J says:

      To be fair, I did not finish this book I chose to stop because at 6% in, none of the characters that had started off in it, in previous chapters had repeated, so I just found it too convoluted to continue on with so many characters with different storylines I just didn t have the patience

    20. Kylie Holcombe says:

      I was a bit lost at first, as this does have a lot of IT technical detail as well as foreign trading stock exchange reference However, once I got into the book I found it hard to put down A perhaps scary insight to where future terrorism will reside.

    21. Simon Townsend says:

      Very good idea but the story was complex and sometimes hard to follow Apart from that, good read.

    22. Gerry says:

      InterestingSeems far fetched but thought provoking and contains plenty of action Some parts are confusing but I am not that familiar with digital finance

    23. Bobby R. Childree says:

      SickoI am SO tired of books with sick language This is another that deserves a place in the local dump.

    24. Aleta Phillips says:

      AI is this an oxymoron Very interesting read Makes you wonder if computers can be alive and human like without the emotional baggage we have

    25. ben says:

      Good techno read without the headache.Seems funny as I read this book it appears that a simular attack is going on today rlines _stock market Umm maybe than fiction.

    26. gabrielle gnadinger says:

      Great read I read for pleasure and got loads of it from this book The excitement grabs you and doesn t let go.

    27. Mrs Christine Rudge says:

      Surprisingly grippingInitial events give no hint as to how fast movong and gripping the story will become Worth persevering beyond initial chapters.

    28. Barbara J Wicks says:

      An interesting premise I m not a computer nerd, but I could keep up with the story line It s a frightening thought about what can and may happen in the future.

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