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Perfect Submission
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Perfect Submission Roxy Sloane I ve spent my life running from the past, but now there s no escape He says he can save me if I ll only trust him.I want to believe him, but how can I be sure My choice is ruin or surrender.Now, I have to decide The explosive final part of the sensual, suspenseful new serial. Perfect Submission I ve spent my life running from the past but now there s no escape He says he can save me if I ll only trust him I want to believe him but how can I be sure My choice is ruin or surrender Now I hav
  • Title: Perfect Submission
  • Author: Roxy Sloane
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  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • Perfect Submission Roxy Sloane

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    1. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

      Perfect Submission, part 4 of 4 The conclusion to Cam Isabelle s story of BDSM sexual exploration standing up to one s pastThe Sweet Submission series is a stand alone sequel to The Seduction and The Invitation series There are 4 parts, which should be read in order Part 1 Sweet SubmissionPart 2 Wild SubmissionPart 3 Total SubmissionPart 4 Perfect SubmissionIn Submission, part 1 3 socialite and heiress Isabelle Ashcroft step sister to Keely from The Seduction was rescued from a menacing situatio [...]

    2. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer says:

      FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest Review This was my favorite book in the series.Cam is back to being the sexy alpha that I loved in book one and Isabelle becomes an empowered woman in this final installment She didn t end up being the damsel in distress , as I had thought she would be Isabelle has courage and fights to break free from Brent s manipulations and devious plans Cam was also right by her side every step of the way.I can t believe I am going to sa [...]

    3. Eda** # Dax Lahn's Golden Tigress# says:

      3 Yes, Master STARS You don t see what I see when I look at you, he tells me, his voice so warm and reassuring I see your STRENGTH Your COURAGE Your BEAUTY Not the mask you put on to face the world, he adds, turning my face to look him in the eyes BUT THE REAL YOU CAMIsabelle feels beaten She can feel the cold steel of the handcuffs biting into her flesh Yet this time feeling them locked around her wrists doesn t drive her crazy with pleasure, it fills her heart with fear and panic Isabelle is i [...]

    4. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ says:

      3 3.5 sThe book starts off with Isabelle being in jail and having to suffer through some harsh things Luckily, she doesn t have to stay there thanks to Cam.Suffice it to say that this is not my favorite series of the bunch I do like CamI m just over the whole BDSM theme But I do like how he seemed to make peace with things at the end It was great how Isabelle took control of her life.lly I think that only helped Cam with his life It was wonderful how they managed to work things out And having bo [...]

    5. Karéz says:

      3,5 Stars His domination means to me Freedom Release Security I trust him with my life.But can he ever trust me again In this last installment of Submission series Isabelle, is going through a hard time, her past finally caught up to her, and there s no way out of this, tell she face her darkest secrets once and for all But, that s not what worries Isabelle the most her worry, is that, Cam, will never forgive her and might change his mind about her Where, Cam, feels disappointed in himself becau [...]

    6. MELISSA *Mel Reader* says:

      3.5 4 Stars ARC provided by author In this final installment things are tense in the beginning for Cam Isabelle when Isabelle s past finally catches up with her She has worked so hard to fit in with the wealthy create this whole new world in New York, when it all comes crashing down around her she has to figure out who she can trust who truly cares about her Obviously bastard Brent is still angry with her out to get her for choosing Cam over him, but she finds she has true friends than she thou [...]

    7. TORI says:

      3.25 3.5 Stars

    8. Lizzie says:

      ARC kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review The conclusion to Roxy Sloane s Submission series is full of raw emotions, suspense, and love Of course there is also lots panty melting hotness Cam and Isabelle are absolutely perfect for each other, but can they overcome all of the roadblocks that nasty Brent tries to throw in their way You ll have to read it for yourself to find out 5 stars from me I loved every second of it

    9. 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

      Damn it, I am torn between retiring from reading Roxy Sloane s books, and unabashedly stalking her until she releases her next book Because how can she top MY Cam I F L O V E D this series, and Perfect Submission was the perfect ending to it.The past that Isabelle has run from for years has finally caught up to her, and now all that s left to do is trust her Master If she can surrender it all now, freedom could be hers But if she can t, the future is bleakOh, what an ending A happy yes, I mean i [...]

    10. Renee Entress from Renee Entress's Blog says:

      5 starThis is the final part of Cameron McCullough Isabelle Ashcroft s story If you have read Roxy s other books you should already know both of these characters If you have not read them what are you waiting on If you have not already read the below I would recommend reading those books first Sweet Submission Sweet Submission 1 Wild Submission Submission 2 Total Submission Submission, 3 After Isabelle is taken away she wonders if this is the end for her Will Cam still want her at all or will he [...]

    11. Zandalee says:

      Book 4 of 4 HEA Sadly, the conclusion to Cam and Isabelle s story has arrived On the plus side, it is an incredible finish to another amazing serial from Roxy Sloane.Towards the end of the book it hit me I thought back to the first book and how much Cam and Isabelle have changed since them They ve each matured and grown so much, and being with each other has allowed them that The love that Cam exudes towards Isabelle is astounding There were a few times where his words brought me to tears I swea [...]

    12. ❤️☘D♡K☘❤️ says:

      2 disappointing stars As much as I LOVED other works by Ms Sloane, I felt like this heroine was not up to par with the other heroines and that the story itself could have used I don t know substance, maybe.So, to surmise how I felt while reading this last oneStill, love the work of Ms Sloane, and I can t wait for some new material

    13. Nina ~ Social Butterfly PR says:

      What an amazing Finale to the Submission series I absolutely adored Cam and Isabelle s love story In Perfect we really get a sense of who they are individually yet where they are going as a couple There is a bit of history that is revealed and I loved getting to know them better Perfect had the same schizzle that all of Roxy s books have, but towards the end it became a bit reverent and it fit this couple to a tee I will miss Cam and Isabelle oh fyi.we get a one liner from the Panty Whisperer V [...]

    14. Cassandra Caress says:

      Full review to come I m still trying to figure out how to put into words how much I want Cam

    15. Nikki Sloane says:

      I enjoyed the read The story moved quickly and held my attention throughout Roxy writes page turnersI don t think she s capable of writing something that doesn t move, which I love I ve been and am a huge fan of her work I wanted very much to love this conclusion as much as her other stories, but something held me back from giving it the full 5 stars.Isabelle I couldn t connect with her like Roxy s other heroines Don t get me wrong, it s not like I disliked her, but often times I wanted her to b [...]

    16. Tonya says:

      I was kindly given an ARC for my honest review Thank you for this and all of your series PERFECT Submission Imagine going your entire life running from and hiding your secrets until someone you once trusted uses them for blackmail and revenge.Imagine a man in total control of his emotions Closed off to the world because he s ashamed of his preference to Dominate women completely.The journey with Cam and Isabelle has been the best kind of emotional roller coaster They have overcome so many obstac [...]

    17. Brianna at Renee Entress's Blog says:

      5 Stars Wow What an epic ending to Isabelle and Cam s story This book was sweet, sexy, and suspenseful This author has a way of drawing you in and keeping you begging for only for the author to deliver absolute perfection This was a whole lot of naughty with Cam swoon This book delves deeper into Cam and Isabelle Isabelle broke my heart many times but she always had Cam there to pick up the pieces and herself as she found her strength And Cam gosh the man made me swoon and I am rightfully claim [...]

    18. Hilary says:

      This is what pleasure does to us all makes slaves of us Makes us beg for things we never dreamed ourselves capable The conclusion of Cam and Isabelle s story is absolute perfection Everything I hoped for and from this couple If you have read the other series The Seduction and The Invitation by Roxy, you know how shallow and icy Isabelle comes across The evolution of this character across all of these books has been amazing Watching this evolution makes the reading experience so much better Then [...]

    19. Louise says:

      Roxy has done it again with another erotic filled series I am being particularly biased when I say Cam was seriously hot, everything you would want a man to be but to have the leading man as a fellow Scots well I could read about him all the time The conclusion of this 4 part series takes us the reader on a journey of drama and a love between 2 people who change for the better You get an insight into Isabelle s life as a child and you get an understanding of how she created a persona to fit in w [...]

    20. Jay says:

      Words can really express how much I like this series.Isabelle and Cam are a couple that I will cherish in my heart always Through this whole series we have seen each of them mature and realized what really is important in their lives To say that I would missed them is an understatement I m honored to have been able to read this book before its release and so glad to have met Cam, that Scottish man stole my heart right from the beginning of this series Thanks Roxy for this beautiful series and Im [...]

    21. ~ Cariad ~ says:


    22. Marika says:

      Love this series and I am sad that it s the end but what a journey Love everything about it and in this one the stakes are even higher than before Love Cam and Isabelle together and even with all the crazy that is Brent nothing will ever ruin what they have You seriously need to read this s hot and their chemistry is so strongbut there is a lot into itlove, friendship and being free to be who you really are

    23. Heather / Obsessed With Myshelf says:

      Ahhhhh Roxy Sloane is the master of submission I loved every bit of this story and was extremely pleased with the way this ends Brent gets what he deserves as does Isabelle This is a hot and sexy read that will have you begging for Cam to never leave.

    24. Brianna says:

      Perfect ending to the series Cam and Isabelle finally got the HEA that they deserved after a few bumps along the way Glad that douche bag Brent finally got what was coming to him too Which character will Roxy choose for her next series Hmmmm.

    25. Nina M. Y. says:

      4 Perfect stars for the sweet, beautiful perfect ending.

    26. Michelle Rodriguez says:

      Review to follow at afterdarkbooklovers.

    27. Davetta says:

      another hot steamy series from Roxy loved that CAM

    28. Stacey says:

      Loved the overall story but I m not a fan of buying one book over four short instalments this one took less than an hour to read.

    29. Gabrielle says:

      My wordGave this book a five star rating Loved the series and really disappointed it ended Isabelle and cams relationship has me wanting so much .

    30. Stephanie says:

      LOVED this book Perfect ending to these books

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