Angela Verdenius
The Goodbye Girl
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The Goodbye Girl Angela Verdenius Serving in Afghanistan, Aussie soldier Sergeant Nick Mason had enjoyed getting letters from The Goodbye Girl, but now he was going home, her usual goodbye letter had arrived She was meant to be passed to the next lonely soldier, but Nick had other plans What he wasn t prepared for was what he d discover when he met her face to face His Goodbye Girl was the town s resideServing in Afghanistan, Aussie soldier Sergeant Nick Mason had enjoyed getting letters from The Goodbye Girl, but now he was going home, her usual goodbye letter had arrived She was meant to be passed to the next lonely soldier, but Nick had other plans What he wasn t prepared for was what he d discover when he met her face to face His Goodbye Girl was the town s resident UFO weirdo. The Goodbye Girl Serving in Afghanistan Aussie soldier Sergeant Nick Mason had enjoyed getting letters from The Goodbye Girl but now he was going home her usual goodbye letter had arrived She was meant to be passed
  • Title: The Goodbye Girl
  • Author: Angela Verdenius
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  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Goodbye Girl Angela Verdenius

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    1 Blog on “The Goodbye Girl

    1. NancyM says:

      Okay Nick is searching for the Goodbye Girl when he finally meets her I have to thinkThen you get to know Bree and if you re not a believer you think she should be here along with a few others But when someone asks her a question she s very shrewd Actually this could also be for Ed, the mail clerkor plenty of people in that town, come to think of it.The story of course has plenty of humour and highjinks And rainlots of rain Just read it One thing I can say for certain, if I ever do meet an alien [...]

    2. starsaga says:

      1.5 stars, a struggle to read this utterly boring bookThis could have been so much better, if it hadn t been so dreadfully boring It was a story about nothing Nothing, no emotion, hardly any connection and very little that actually happens I don t remember the previous books in this series being so boring, so something just seemed to go off here It could have been about two people falling in love, despite the huge differences in their lives, the distance, the separation, the beliefs, but no, ali [...]

    3. Kimberly Walter says:

      The Goodbye Girl was a great book to read I laughed at Nick and Bree s sense of humor and smiled at the sweet and alpha ways Nick acted towards Bree It was funny, witty, sexy, hot, dirty minded , and quirky LOL but I loved this book I love how the characters have some connection to the characters from Angela s other BBW CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE books As always I look forward to the next Angela Verdenius you ROCK

    4. Ally says:

      another really great read by Angela Verdenius she has a knack for writing BBW heroines that feels true and uncomplicated and her heroes get me a fan cause it s mighty hot in here this book could most assuredly be read as a stand alone but as all Angela s book are great and reprise characters from previous stories I highly recommend starting with either Doctor s Delight OR Alex and enjoying the madcap world the she has created.

    5. Aubrey says:

      What a fun book So Bree aka The Goodbye Girl has been keeping soldier Nick company through letters and care packages while he has served abroad However, Nick who is due leave decides to turn things from Goodbye to Hello What he finds is surprising Bree is a bbw who has two miscreant cats aka the Air Raid Siren and the Weapon of Mass Destruction and a penchant to chase UFO sightings.

    6. Silke says:

      Again a great book by Ms Verdenius Totally recommendable.Love the fact that she writes about BBW Love the fact that her books are about real people and fun to read Love the dialogues Love that she always has cats in her books Hate that the waiting for the next book has began

    7. PNR says:

      Love everything by this author They UFO stuff was a pretty wacky foil but yaya for BBW romance

    8. SaN~ says:

      I had a bit headache with the whole UFO thing But after all it s a good read

    9. Mephala says:

      A funny and charming story, with a dash of sci fi

    10. Christine Gibson says:

      I enjoyed this book greatly The heroine is strong and quirky and the hero strong and supportive At the same time the book has all the humor i have learned to expect from this author A fun read.

    11. Patricia Marchena says:

      Thank U.Just enjoyed this book soo much.

    12. Carrie says:

      Rating Nick Mason has been in the Army since he was seventeen He has no family, which leads him to become pen pals with a lady from back home known to the troops as The Goodbye Girl The day he is to be heading home he receives his last letter But he doesn t want to say goodbye to the special lady he has come to know He finds out that her letters are also posted from Whicha, the same place where his close friend Alex Lawson resides He ends up coming home with Alex to find his Goodbye Girl, but wh [...]

    13. Ivy Deluca says:

      The PremiseAussie soldier Sergeant Nick Mason looks forward to getting letters from The Goodbye Girl, a woman who chooses a soldier without a family to correspond with during their time overseas But now Nick s going home, and he receives her usual goodbye letter, and traditionally Nick should pass her along to the next lonely soldier but he can bring himself to do that So he sets out in search of the Goodbye Girl, but he s surprised by what he finds out Bree is the Goodbye Girl, and she s recent [...]

    14. Julie says:

      I loved it Sweet, funny as hell and sexy Bree is a very nice heroine and Nick is just adorable Hie s strong willed, he knows what he wants and fights for it Bree kind of remind me of Alan she speaks her mind before thinking about her words, hilarious She got me laughing a lot Paul is just as good as ever too, so are his friends and employees Seeing Alex and Harly is just great but Nick s question stands still when are they going to have kids Same question for the rest of the couples.Are we ever [...]

    15. Books and Spoons says:

      Another home run from Angela Verdenius.The characters are real, convincing and adorable Bree is a big beautiful woman, independent, beliefs that makes some raise eyebrows Nick is a soldier, true stubborn and protective alpha male The dialog made me laugh, it is fun, witty, clever as they work through they issues, learn to compromise, and fall in love.The romance is sweet and steamy, makes you swoon.And it is always a pleasure to catch up with the characters from the previous books Even though th [...]

    16. Teresa says:

      I enjoy reading everything Angela Verdenius writes I love the way it s written in the Australian dialect I love the fact that she writes about ladies that are larger and still find their true love This book was a sweet story that told of pen pals who find each other in real life I enjoyed the different quirk she added in with the search for aliens It gave the reader a good laugh and something off the normal storyline Great read She is definitely one of my authors that I will buy almost all of th [...]

    17. Ioanna Kamenidou says:

      God i love Angela Not only because her books make me feel good about myself, not only because she makes me dream of the perfect man, but because the girl can write I love the way she puts the words together I love her style, i love how every book connects with the other but not in a way that you will miss the point if you dont read them all i loveher And thats all She is a good writer and i will always wait for a new book.

    18. Amanda Sheila says:

      I loved it Nick is such a gentleman I kind of want him to be a bit annoying, but this one did just fine Bree s independence made me happy, it s good to read chubby heroine with attitude yet could be vulnerable and insecure at some moments Loved it.Too bad there s no further explanation about Jackie She s really weird Looking forward to read another BBW series from Angie

    19. Emmie says:

      This book was such a nice surprise A quirky, slightly nutty heroine and a straight laced very frustrated hero A brilliant recipe for a romance I loved the inclusion of ufo s and the utterly paranoid people who chased them.

    20. Nutnut (Lj) Ford says:

      Another great read There is something so real and comforting about the characters in this bbok they pull you in and keep you interested.Ms Verdenius is a awesome writer i have yet to read a bad book by her and always cannot wait to read her book when they come out.

    21. Brigitte says:

      A cute story A down to earth girl with some beliefs that do not mesh with others, but she is cool and about it and not in your face A soldier hero that is an excellent partner for her escapades Angela Verdinius has not disappointed me yet.

    22. Hina says:

      3.5 Stars

    23. Mattie says:

      As always, Ms Verdenius hits her mark Likable characters, sweet and spicy romance, quirky plot, and some BBW loving

    24. Innominata says:

      I usually love all of angela V books, but this one just didn t do it for me Not enough emphasis on the relationship development or if there was it was too shallow.

    25. Marianne says:

      Interesting concept but this was a struggle to finish.

    26. Christy says:

      Why oh why do I lose control when I read her books They go by way too fast Must be cause I love them Thanks Angela for another great read You Rock

    27. Yalda says:

      Awww sweet sweet romance

    28. Genney Blass says:

      4 stars Big fan of the author This book, was so good from the beginning What a women goes through emotionally I guess, don t judge no one Cheers to the author.

    29. Clare says:

      I actually really liked this book Maybe that s because I believe in UFO s This was a fun book to read and Bree is a strong young woman I would recommend this in a heartbeat.

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