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Hawk Dahlia West Alternate Updated cover for ASIN B00J55MAYAHawk Red Cloud lives by his own set of rules Don t let them share the saddle, don t bring them home, and never spend the night So far, he s managed to avoid commitment like the plague.Tildy Fletcher s parents set rules for her She would never think of breaking them she knows all too well what would happen if she did.Hawk andAlternate Updated cover for ASIN B00J55MAYAHawk Red Cloud lives by his own set of rules Don t let them share the saddle, don t bring them home, and never spend the night So far, he s managed to avoid commitment like the plague.Tildy Fletcher s parents set rules for her She would never think of breaking them she knows all too well what would happen if she did.Hawk and Tildy are from two different worlds, but there s no denying the attraction between them The rules are designed to keep them apart Will they be willing to break them for a chance at true love. Hawk Alternate Updated cover for ASIN B J MAYAHawk Red Cloud lives by his own set of rules Don t let them share the saddle don t bring them home and never spend the night So far he s managed to avoid
  • Title: Hawk
  • Author: Dahlia West
  • ISBN: 9781498913454
  • Page: 298
  • Format: ebook
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      298 Dahlia West
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    1. Rachel says:

      2.5 3 stars.First I have to say, I loved Shooter After reading reviews, I avoided Tex because I knew I would hate it But I loved Hawk s character from the first book and was really excited for this book.I was enjoying the book and how Tildy and Hawk s relationship came about And then at 89% of the book, it all just fell apart view spoiler Hawk supposedly has such strong feels for Tildy well, I m thinking he must love her because a couple of pages later, he tells her so , but he fucks some random [...]

    2. Nichole says:

      Unfortunately, I think Dahlia West has managed to ruin another hero Hawk was a cowardly jerk Tildy was an incredible idiot How come no one said to her, hey, you can get another job and support yourself like a normal person Even Slick managed to come across rather jerky in this installment.The sex was boring and flat Blech.

    3. Lisa says:

      3.5 Stars

    4. Ally says:

      Why do I keep reading this Ya Ya Brotherhood sh t Apparently, I have a thing for cheesy sh t Series So, yea Sexy times Slow churned vanilla with a small scoop of strawberry In other words, expect some descriptive stuff but the kink is thankfully absent from this one Plan on reading by the author Apparently, I want to finish the series Go figure Synopsis So Hawk meets Tildy Matilda when her car breaks down Her Saint Christopher metal breaks when the two shake hands and innocent Tilly believes th [...]

    5. Trina says:

      I was excited, knowing Hawk is a big hunk of a Native American and Tildy a sweet innocent virgin It started off with 5 dwindling down to 2.I still enjoy it when Tildy continues to be the good daughter, accepting her mother s abuse and resign to their plans for her to marry her boyfriend whom she knew is banging her close friend That s fine, I thought, now that she s met Hawk she ll do something about itright Sigh She didn t want to leave because leaving means her parents would cut her off no Mer [...]

    6. Rebecca says:

      Wow I loved it This is one of my favorite series out there The men of Burnout never let me down I had been anxious to find out about Hawk for a while now Luckily, this book didn t disappoint We learn about the mysterious Hawk while he gets to know Tildy, who has some secrets of her own Their journey definitely takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride They had me feeling excited, nervous, charmed, depressed, overjoyed, and in love.I love the way Dahlia West makes me fall in love with her c [...]

    7. JudyB says:

      This book was my third one in this series by this author Shooterwas a solid 5 star read for me Tex was a 4 star read Hawk was a very intriguing hot, alpha male in those books and I looked forward to his story Hawk comes with tons of emotional baggage as a result of his father s abandonment, racial prejudice because of his Sioux heritage, scars from his military service and loss of his military brothers to name a few Tildy is a 22 young woman also carrying emotional baggage from parental physical [...]

    8. Mintcola says:

      I loved this book mainly cause of the heroine which is rare The only heroines I ve ever really loved in books were Tildy from this book, Mae from It ain t me babe, the heroine from Against the ropes, and Mia from Gator , maybe a couple but these were the main ones.Now this book had excellent plot, very well writen, amazing characters, a lot of emotions and heartbreaking moments but it also had something that put me off a lot.HawkI excepted much from him and was greately disappointed Hawk for m [...]

    9. Neeta says:

      Brief thoughts on Hawk compared to Shade s Fall, since I read the two so close together pretty much Hawk immediately after Shade s I finished Hawk and I actually really liked it More than Shade s Fall and that sucked me in, even though I had issues with it I m far forgiving view spoiler of Hawk s cheating on Tildy hide spoiler than of view spoiler Shade s wanting to smex Lily in front of others hide spoiler It s down to the emotion and motivation behind it Shade s is selfish and about getting h [...]

    10. Denise H. says:

      Burnout series book 3 Big, muscled Hawk, 33, one of the group of ex Special Forces, men who survived their Unit after the IED explosion Hawk is the Sioux tracker, with a sniper, demolition expert, a medic, and a cowboy Their brotherhood is a tight one 5 5 , dark brown hair, 22 year old Tildy s car needs fixing and Hawk helps her We have a cast of terrific characters, with several story veins happening at once, and finally around 77%, Tildy loses her virginity After that, there is plenty of sexin [...]

    11. Kay says:

      Title HawkSeries Burnout 3Author Dahlia WestGenre Contemporary RomancePages 236Heat Level 3 out of 4 flamesOverall Star Rating 4 out of 5 starsReviewed by Kay the Snitch BitchTildy grew up over privileged money wise She was a great heroine because not only was she faced with some of the lowest forms of life to deal with but she did it with such innocence and grace She was sheltered but also controlled by her parents, abused by them and manipulated by most everyone else She was their cash cow in [...]

    12. Rosheen says:

      I was looking forward to Hawk s story I purchased my own copy from today as I enjoyed it thoroughly and also was lucky enough to be privy to an earlier draft earlier in the last week with no expectations of any reciprocation.This is not the usual a polite nor convenience romance story of boy meets girl in which all problems and unlikeable character traits are magically fixed then happily ever after into the sunset, nor is this tale on the other side of the coin of a story of angst for the sake [...]

    13. Catherine says:

      Really enjoyed Shooter, disliked Tex and came somewhere in the middle with Hawk Mostly, found the h very awkward and disliked how often she was humiliated and forgiving about it I didn t find her inability to stand up for herself endearing All supporting characters participated in humiliating her at one time or another and I do mean ALL characters Friends, family, hero, people who were supposed to be kind and loyal The writing was professional and generally kept me interested although I didn t f [...]

    14. AlligatorSmith loves to read says:

      Hawk and Tildy are both damaged, he from what he had to do for a friend when they were Army rangers during wartime and she from a family and a life that just doesn t give her any happiness I think some readers might see this story as Hawk saving Tildy, but I think they really save each other The reason they both could change and move forward into a happier life was each other After the shock of Tex s story, Hawk s was refreshing I also was happy to see that the editing was better the problem wit [...]

    15. Tina says:

      5 Yes She Nailed It Stars I loved this I loved Hawk, I loved Tildy, I loved them together Their chemistry was off the charts and they were H.O.T This was so so good I was captivated by this story from start to finish I couldn t put it down It had everything, suspense, action, angst, sweet romance, heart break, and of course great supporting characters You also get a continuation of the cliffhanger we were left with at the end of Slick but there seems to be still to come on that front Tex may no [...]

    16. KathyB says:

      I m starting to lose faith in this author The first book in the series Shooter was really good, but the last two have been disappointing I m interested in reading Easy s story, so I may try one fingers crossed, it better be good or I m done

    17. Jacqueline says:

      Hawk and Tildy were a good match I definitely enjoyed innocent Tildy and how everyone thought she was crazy at first I think Hawk could have responded to her a little bit better but hey he had to learn not to be an ass the dialog here was not quite as fun as in Shooter but the character development was nice Again, there was not really insta love here other than Tildy thinking that it was a sign that she was supposed to be with him because of her necklace breaking as she touched him the first tim [...]

    18. Deb B says:

      first read this series three years ago loved it then, still very much enjoying it this time round not so much mc but the guys are a brotherhood, the survivors of an army ranger team who faced the worst horrors of war, and their bikes are important to them they accept themselves as bikers but Shooter was brought up in a 1%er club and never wanted that particular conditioning but accepted the good of that lifestyle and encompassed it with his team on their return home a tight knit group that find [...]

    19. MistiLong says:

      Hawk and TildaHawk another member of the ex army ranger crew came from a broken home He never got serious about women because of his fear of never being able to be faithful.Tilda was a very young extremely sheltered gal had basically been pushed around all her life When she has car trouble and Hawk helps her she immediately tells Slick that Hawk is the man she ll marry.He s she s that crazy or is she

    20. Christen says:

      3.5 stars

    21. Emily says:

      Hawk Red Cloud has no plans on attaching himself to any woman, sure he likes sleeping with them but that is it about it Tildy Fletcher meets Hawk when her car breaks down, he is instantly attracted and invites her out However Tildy who has been sheltered her whole life makes a statement that freaks him out and he has no plans of pursuing her Tildy gets herself in a bit of trouble and Hawk decides he can give her friendship, but then Tildy asks for and he is willing but at a distance It seems li [...]

    22. (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick says:

      Not bad The MC portion SUPER low key The romance was odd A lot of push and pull I would have liked to have seen some resolution with heroine s parents The heroine was a bit Mary Sue and acted like a doormat though she has reasons but I expected the hero and his friends to be a little less judgmental Funny how Tex completely turned me off completely in his book but I liked him again in this one He s the only one who acted like he really cared how Tildy felt while the others were quick to label he [...]

    23. Julia says:

      It took me awhile to reorient myself to the members of this group, Slick and Vegas and Tex and Chris et al Tex and Vegas s story was pretty much the definition of TMI, but Hawk and Tildy were a sweet, engrossing story Tildy is not the typical romance heroine, she s actually quite old school with her relationship with her parents and her naivet with Hawk I m not sure that Hawk responding to her danger and vulnerability was really the healthiest of reasons for the romance to work, but it didn t ta [...]

    24. Elfina Renee says:

      Oooo the reading gods are smiling on us Hawks story is intense, draws you in like a hurricane By the middle, you are lost in the action packed vortex, that keeps on spinning, until the end Dahlia West doesn t dosey doe on the suspense of who did it or why You have to love Hawk s back story, the way his love em and leave em character is born Yes this heart throbbing, badass biker sioux, will prove to his angel he will do whatever it takes to save her Even if it means turning on your own blood.

    25. Tate says:

      love looooooove this one better than the last one image image everything was just awesome

    26. Jessica says:

      Well, that was depressing.Tildy as woobie would have made sense to me if she didn t have a Finance degree and access to money Hawk was just as immature but in a slightly different way Together, ugh.

    27. Joyce says:

      Very nice readI had forgotten I started this series until I read a book yesterday by this author How could I forget Hawk needed his own story, his HEA I think that s why I love these books, a bit of drama, suspense, family love all tied together is a perfect HEA.

    28. Natasha says:

      loved that i got a copy of the book fr Ms Westt overjoyed with the storydid not connect with the H, she was very very confused but loved the ref to all the other characters from the previous booksde for a involved book

    29. Michele says:

      Another great addition to the Burnout series Even though Tildy got on my nerves, Hawk made up for it Still, Tex is my favorite

    30. Mari says:

      I thought Tildy was an extremely weak character and I had hoped for someone stronger for Hawk I just couldn t picture Hawk and Tildy having a lasting relationship.

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