Harry Sidebottom
Iron and Rust
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Iron and Rust Harry Sidebottom In the winter of AD234 no one could have predicted the coming catastropheEmperor Alexander Severus has reigned for thirteen years and the Empire remains strong Popular with the Senate and Rome s people, his power is known across all four corners of the world The Severan dynasty, apart from a brief interlude of a few months long ago, has held power for than four deIn the winter of AD234 no one could have predicted the coming catastropheEmperor Alexander Severus has reigned for thirteen years and the Empire remains strong Popular with the Senate and Rome s people, his power is known across all four corners of the world The Severan dynasty, apart from a brief interlude of a few months long ago, has held power for than four decades In the east a hard fought war has ended Sassanid Persian attacks Peace reigns and Rome prospers.But the unexpected assassination of the Emperor in the spring of AD235, will scupper the peace and change everything, for ever.The first book in Sidebottom s major new series set in third century Rome explores an era of unprecedented violence and turbulence which saw, for the first time, Emperors killed on the field of battle, cut down both by barbarians and by the soldiers of Rome herself In the space of fifty years nearly as many men were to wear the imperial purple.. Iron and Rust In the winter of AD no one could have predicted the coming catastropheEmperor Alexander Severus has reigned for thirteen years and the Empire remains strong Popular with the Senate and Rome s peopl
  • Title: Iron and Rust
  • Author: Harry Sidebottom
  • ISBN: 9780007499847
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Iron and Rust Harry Sidebottom

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    1. Jane says:

      Cassius Dio Our history now descends from a kingdom of gold to one of iron and rust I was never interested in the author s Ballista series, but I m thrilled to read this one Choice of title for this political thriller was really a propos since one might say this is the beginning of Rome s downward slide into mediocrity and weakness This novel was the first volume of a planned tetralogy based on the fateful 238 AD Year of the 6 Emperors The first in the series deals with Maximinus Thrax The Thrac [...]

    2. Liviu says:

      much interesting than the Balista novels of which i read first and found it ok but not really cared to read as Iron and Rust brings a combination of 3 things outstanding character reconstruction from the soldier emperor Maximinus to his former colleague, graeculus Tymetheus now governor, plotter and confidant, to various commanders and senators, to the women of Rome intrigue and high stakesbattles, revolts, coups etcthe one negative is the breathless pace as the novel is relatively short but c [...]

    3. Bobby says:

      So many characters made this a difficult read at first but repetition of said names finally culminated in being a really good read The maps were invaluable and the treachery is nonstop I m really looking forward to book 2.

    4. Roger Kean says:

      Sidebottom is the master of the Roman empire in the third century He may well have taken Ballista as far as sensible in the Warrior of Rome series though don t take that as read and many might assume he would turn to fresh pastures, but Iron and Rust goes back to a point earlier than Ballista s first outing in Fire in the East, to the moment in time when the Roman empire fell apart with the murder of the last legitimate Severan emperor, Severus Alexander.In a series of short, sharp chapters Iron [...]

    5. Kate says:

      I really enjoyed this Roman political thriller, so than I have recent novels in the Ballista series It feels clever, accurate, tense, with a host of memorable characters, most of whom face an almighty challenge of keeping their heads on their necks I m looking forward to seeing where this series goes.

    6. Ozymandias says:

      Plot 6 fragmented and overly reliant on memories Characters 9 generally unlikeable but distinct and plausible feeling Accuracy 10 speculative but well researched and believable It s funny given how poorly the Warrior of Rome novels could handle high politics at least from a narrative point of view if not an accuracy one just how well this novel functions Because that is the entire plot of this novel political scheming and backstabbing to claim the throne of the Caesars And it s very complex plot [...]

    7. Speesh says:

      There was, for me, a distinct running out of steam feeling going on in the last couple of Fire in the East books, so Harry has shifted direction, Europe based, Northern Europe mainly OK, that s where Ballista was from and ended up, but only on his return home at the end.Right, Rome is in turmoil Part XXVIII, etc But six Emperors That s a lot of Emperors even for the Romans and a lot of explaining to be done for us part time Romanologists Some, I ve picked up through reading other books set in R [...]

    8. Jerry Bennett says:

      I was a bit disappointed with this novel, not so much the story line as the development of the characters and the plot The author has taken on a tremendous challenge, covering the history of the years when the post of the Roman emperor changed hands so swiftly, and encompassing Rome itself, the Rhine and Danube frontiers, the Syrian frontier and North Africa, and that s just the first book in the series Can I add my usual rider in that these are my personal views, and I hope they do not deter an [...]

    9. Ruth says:

      Oh No A trusty favourite author and favourite genre and I just couldn t get into it Aarggh The beginning was really slow and ploddy and I just couldn t find the hook Perhaps I will try this one again at a later date but for now I am unable to recommend to the normal crew.Update 29 02 16 AD235 Yay So, I tried it again and it was much better I rather liked Gordian in the African arena of the story especially his battle strategy His two friends also provided light humour in contrast to the very dar [...]

    10. Kay Rodgers says:

      I really enjoyed this book as I have enjoyed all of Harry Sidebottom s books It really can t be compared to the Ballista series because they are totally different but I believe equally good.I found this one to be deeper than Harry s previous novels and in this, real.Once again this author has the knack of placing the reader, right in amongst it and I was so glad to know that it s another series, highly recommend Iron and Rust for anyone interested in Roman history.

    11. Angus Donald says:

      Excellent book

    12. Steve Switzer says:

      Superb new book from harry sidebottom combining erudition with detailed knowledge of the anarchy of the 3rd century roman Empire.Based on fact it races along on a blistering course , death betrayal and self interest the governing plot features

    13. Chris says:

      I ll be honest I m glad its over It had times of excitement but they were few and so far between I needed binoculars.I have read previous reviews of this book and it seems a lot of people ask you to bear with it that the first book is about character and world building than actual story but I found it so boring that I almost had a panic attack thinking that I might have to read two further books of the same monotonous mediocrity.According to my Kindle, the book should take around 5 hours and 28 [...]

    14. Ian Miller says:

      This is a historical novel set in ancient Rome that starts with the end of the unfortunate boy Alexander By now, the imperium was usually ended by murder, usually by the soldiers Discipline was clearly not what it had been at the time of Marius or Sulla There is a brief illustration of the decadence and ineptitude of Alexander s court, then we see the imperium of Maximinus The book largely covers the preparation for campaigns by Maximinus, and the various plotting, etc, that was going on The boo [...]

    15. Chris Rigby says:

      A very entertaining history book, or a rather mediocre novel Well, both at once, paradoxically.First, to deal with the book as a novel Sidebottom is a historian, and he never lets you forget it That s no bad thing of course, if you re looking at this as a history textbook But from the point of view of a novel, it s too full of laundry lists detailed descriptions of cultural artefacts and customs which in no way contribute to the plot as for names, Sidebottom positively drowns you in them So many [...]

    16. Jo-anne Atkinson says:

      The Emperor Alexander is on campaign in the northern part of the Empire when he and his mother are assassinated by supporters of Maximinus Thrax Maximinus is not part of the noble society,his origins are to the East of the the Empire and he has rose through the ranks of the army As he is proclaimed Emperor, other factions are plotting his downfall in Rome, Africa and the far Eastern provinces Meanwhile Maximinus is committed to defeating the massed forces of barbarians before he returns to Rome. [...]

    17. Pamela says:

      This is a brilliant depiction of Rome under the rule of Maximinus A number of parallel stories show the chaos of battle, the treachery and ambition of the elite, the situation of women in a man s world of war and politics, and the threat from rebels around the boundaries of the Roman Empire This is a really effective way of showing all the aspects of Roman influence at the time, although the number of characters is initially confusing This book really drew me in as it progressed, especially in t [...]

    18. Karl Jorgenson says:

      I loved Sidebottom s previous series Warrior of Rome I had trouble getting into this one instead of focusing on one character, we jump all over the empire where twelve stories are going on I couldn t keep track of all the characters, or their significance Okay, we got a new emperor and he s a soldier who is not going to stop fighting the northern barbarians Meanwhile, fifty governors, senators, and schmucks are plotting against him, for him, or sideways Maybe the complexity was just me, or maybe [...]

    19. Francis Mulhern says:

      There were patches in this book which really gripped me and I couldn t put it down, but there were too many points in which I grew tired of the story, unable to really get into the characters.One of the authors strengths in the Ballista books is the deep strength of the characterisation and the fast paced action This book is much slower, with the intention I believe to show the political intrigue and power hungry developments of the period It is, to a degree, successful and I enjoyed the plot an [...]

    20. Debayan Das says:

      Brilliant, absolutely brilliant The beginning of the Crisis of the Third Century in Roman history described in a flourish The characters were brilliant done, the research impeccable Many other historical novels make use of nauseating sentimentality, but this one among a fee others has really been impressive, delivering the story in an objective style, clear of any obvious biases the author might hold Looking forward to the next instalment.

    21. Jeff Frane says:

      Very different from Sidebottom s previous Warrior of Rome series, without a true protagonist Set in the Crisis of the Third Century, when Roman emperors were popping up like prairie dogs and ripping the Empire asunder, it changes point of view regularly In this way it s a history lesson on a somewhat mysterious period rather than a novel and certainly nothing like the epic adventures of Ballista.

    22. Marcus Pailing says:

      Story was too ambitious for the number of pages you never got to know any of the characters, and the constant jumping from one location and set of characters to another was confusing the so because the episodes were so brief But it was well written and one can see that there s a good story being told It just didn t get very exciting.

    23. Barry Lee says:

      First historical fiction book I have finished in years, most others I have attempted have been a chore, but this one, and the action sequences particularly, has been hard to put down.

    24. Andrew Hanna says:

      Very goodVery detailed Gives great insight into the political intrigue and corruption of the times However, not an easy read to absorb.

    25. William says:

      This is book 1 of a dramatization of the rulers of Rome in the 3rd century Maximinus served as emperor of Rome from 235 to 238 after the murder of Alexander in 235 The book reads like an epic I got lost a little in keeping track of all the names, and I sought details and drama from the battles I don t know how accurate the book is intended to be, but certainly the characters, many well developed by the author, and scenarios seem very plausible I will read the next in the series.

    26. Justin says:

      How did I go this long without knowing there was a historical fiction series covering one of my favourite periods of Roman history A great blending of fact and narrative and the pages practically turn themselves Looking forward to reading the next volumes in the series.

    27. Conrad Kinch says:

      A rattling good yarn set during the turbulent 3rd century The author manages a large cast of characters deftly and keeps things moving along I m not qualified to comment on the period detail, but it certainly has the smack of life about it Recommended Already bought the second volume.

    28. Michael Heath-Caldwell says:

      A good read recreating the Roman Empire starting to wobble, a new Emperor obsessed with fighting the German tribes, an upper class losing the plot, mired in wealth and disassociated from the problems of running such a large transnational entity.

    29. Greg Santana says:

      It s ok I was a little bored 30% in and nothing happening Starts with a big event but after that it s just the anxious thoughts of the main characters.Some random sex scenes 3 characters in 3 story lines, so it s a slow start I think there s going to be some political intrigue, but nothing has started What s the crisis conflict I don t know, maybe it happens after halfway through

    30. John Rogers says:

      Hard to choose a shelf Is it a history book pretending to be fiction, or vice versa In any case it s well written and interesting in the detail Sidebottom brings to the story In a sense, it s like fantasy than historical fiction You have to be willing to put up with many of the rules of fiction being broken immense cast of characters check the front of the book for lists , latinate titles check the reference of words used , simple plot made complicated by the many people, relationships and plac [...]

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