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The Silent Swan
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The Silent Swan Lex Keating Once upon a time better known as now Gabriel Pritz reigns as king of his high school Easy grades, perfect baseball season, a pretty date for prom he s coasting into a golden future Until his parents demand he cook dinner once a week Caught between kitchen fires and ballpark withdrawal, Gabe is thrown into Tam Swann s orbit Hostile, friendless, and stubborn, she sOnce upon a time better known as now Gabriel Pritz reigns as king of his high school Easy grades, perfect baseball season, a pretty date for prom he s coasting into a golden future Until his parents demand he cook dinner once a week Caught between kitchen fires and ballpark withdrawal, Gabe is thrown into Tam Swann s orbit Hostile, friendless, and stubborn, she s exactly the sort of person he d prefer to avoid.Tam s sphere of influence expands beyond Gabe s sad domestic skills, rapidly invading everything from his favorite game to parts of his soul he didn t know existed It s uncomfortable, it s hard work, it sking him a better man And that s just what she does to people she doesn t like The better he gets to know her, the he has to face the truth this sharp, heart breaking outcast is worth fighting for How many families, fairy tales, and felons will he go through to ride to the rescue of the bravest person he s ever met. The Silent Swan Once upon a time better known as now Gabriel Pritz reigns as king of his high school Easy grades perfect baseball season a pretty date for prom he s coasting into a golden future Until his parents d
  • Title: The Silent Swan
  • Author: Lex Keating
  • ISBN: 9780615822815
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Silent Swan Lex Keating

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    1. Sandra says:

      If you read any YA novel this year, make it this one Absolutely amazing Rarely have I seen such character growth and love and loyalty towards family as in this book Gabriel Gabe Pritz initially comes across as somewhat of a douche He s king of the school, captain of the baseball team, planning his prom date Great family, well off, great life All of it taken for granted There is not an ounce of gratitude that came across from this guy when I first started reading The only thorn in his side is Tam [...]

    2. Alistair Mcnear says:

      I ve read a lot of books Good books, bad books, and an absolute heap of mediocre books Honestly the really good books are hard to find Stories that have intriguing and realistic characters coupled with a plot full of interesting settings and situations, all held together with an excellent writing voice A rare and particular recipe that is difficult to pull off and won t please everyone.The Silent Swan is one of these good books The writing is tight, the pacing is well done, the story compelling, [...]

    3. Mlpmom (Book Reviewer) says:

      There were quite a few great reviews for this one already when I first saw the ARC of this, which is why I took the chance and requested it.I would love to say that I was able to jump right into this one and love it from the very beginning but that sadly just wasn t the case The writing was a bit all over the place, it jumped around and the MC never really seemed to form coherent thoughts It jumped around a lot and I never quite felt like I had a grasp on exactly what was going on Was this the c [...]

    4. Vanya D. says:

      NOTE I received the eARC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This novel rendered me speechless Good news I don t feel depressed that it s over It left so many incredibly deep feelings inside of me, that I can only say I m grateful for the journey.Also, I had no idea it was a retelling of a fairy tale until the very end In this case, it was a good thing, because I couldn t go on comparing the stories at all There s a lot that needs to be addressed about The Silent Swan Mainly because i [...]

    5. Tracey (Life and Literature) says:

      She made his life better not simpler, but full and she challenged his character It was getting to where all roads led to Tam.The Silent Swan was one of those books that slowly but surely snuck its way up on me I admit that through the first section of the book, I wasn t completely taken in There are a lot of people to meet and get your head around and I found the going a bit slow, but then just completely out of the blue I found myself getting drawn into this story and completely and utterly ta [...]

    6. Carrie says:

      Tam wants to hold her family together, but after the death of her parents, she and her brothers are scattered into a deeply flawed foster care system She meets Gabe Pritz at school and begins giving him cooking lessons in exchange for math tutoring Gabe is charming, and seems to have a golden life Tam is withdrawn, concentrating only on her family and the future The two seemingly could not be different, but they find in common than they expect I almost loved this book Halfway through this book [...]

    7. Amber says:

      The Silent Swan by Lex Keating is a heart wrenching, all consuming story of purpose from inconvenience, selflessness from selfishness, and love from disregard This story is one that immediately took hold of my heart and never let go I was swept away into a world of nearsightedness and privilege that slowly transformed into one of opportunity and passion It will take me a while to even begin to scratch the surface of the full impact of this story on my own heart and life I feel like a veiled laye [...]

    8. Kimber Wheaton says:

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review You all know by now that I m a sucker for any retelling of a fairy tale, no matter how esoteric the reference The Silent Swan pulls inspiration from a lesser known tale, The Six Swans by the Brothers Grimm That particular fairy tale is beautiful if not gruesome depending on the version you read The Silent Swan definitely does this tale justice Lex Keating has created a beautiful story, weaving together two endearing characters [...]

    9. Jenna says:

      REVIEW ALSO FOUND ON MY BLOG, for a blog tour stop coffeebooksandme 2013 The Silent Swan was not something I expected Not in a bad way, but in a good way The book cover pre empted you to assume the book is a happy go lucky all the way kind of book But it actually has some depth that the cover did not show us Don t get me wrong, I love the cover It depicts the whole story But it just doesn t tell you there s much to the happy dispositions of the cover models.Let s begin with the writing I admit [...]

    10. Stephan Stücklin-wightman says:

      Lex Keating s riff on the lesser known fairy tale The Seven Swans sets the characters in today s high school scene and gives them tempers and hormones worthy of the youthful athletes they are I enjoyed the story for both character development and the satisfying resolution, even though I found it hard to identify with both the setting and the tempers most characters display Keating s writing pops and fizzes to match the characters and kept me reading well past my bedtime I enjoyed not being told [...]

    11. Christine says:

      First what a perfect title for this story The story is about Gabe and Tam and how Gabe meets a girl named, Tam.We get Gab s perspective on high school and Tam I love how he has all these opinions about his social life, his friends, and his lunch table I did not care for Gabe when I first started reading the book I thought he was going to a tool throughout the entire book His friends did not impress me or his girlfriend However, as the story continues, Gabe changes He starts talking to Tam and he [...]

    12. J.L. Mbewe says:

      This book is going to be a HARD one to review for me I hated it, I loved it It s a contemporary young adult with a literary feel Gabe is a high school jock who has everything he needs and everything he thinks he needs until he meets Tam who is the exact opposite No money, no friends, and a broken family At least, that s what it looks like from the outside looking in.First off, I could not relate to a hormone raging teenage boy who was the king of his school So at first, he did not have my sympat [...]

    13. TamaraHook Me Up Book Blog says:

      4.5 StarsI don t read a great deal of Young Adult books but when I do I look for those that steal your heart by introducing you to a story about love, family, friendship and growth There is something powerful about a story with characters who experience deep emotional growth and even so when they are in their teens I particularly like characters who are not easy to love at first the kind that the you get to know them they you love their individuality This book, The Silent Swan was one of thes [...]

    14. Bobbie Grob says:

      The Silent Swan by Lex Keating is the story about a family of seven children fighting to stay together despite being thrown into the foster care system after the sudden deaths of their parents, one of whom was a major league baseball player Tam Swann is the eldest and only girl in the family, and throughout the book she does her best to support and care for her six younger brothers as they move through the system, even when their foster families try to stand in her way When Tam meets Gabriel Pri [...]

    15. Angie Arndt says:

      Lex Keating and Pauline Creeden somehow got into the mind of a high school boy That s the only way they could have written such a smart, funny and particularly poignant story like, The Silent Swan Warning before you sit down to read this book, purchase a new box of tissues.Gabe is a typical high school jock, unaware of anything but his next meal and his next girl One of the elites in school, Gabe s entire family of boys are ruled by his dad and his mother, the judge The only reason Gabe knows th [...]

    16. InD'tale Magazine says:

      4.5 5.0Ms Keating writes a fantastic coming of age story of the relationship between a boy who has everything and a girl who s lost it all.Read full review in the November 2013 issue of InD tale Magazine.

    17. Thalia says:

      Read the review on my blog thaliasbooks.tumblr post 6

    18. Pauline Creeden says:

      This book was one of the best books I read this yearwhich is why I decided to publish it even though it was outside my guidelines Hope you ll take a peek

    19. Jess (The Cozy Reader) Kennedy says:

      Full Review available here thecozyreader 2013 08 reviProcurementeARC from AltWit Press via NetGalleyMY GRADEPlot 5Setting 4Writing 3Originality 4Characters 5Romance 3OVERALL 24 30 80% BTitle Cover Bonus 2OVERALLWhile a long read this was a great look into some complex characters while abundant, they enhanced the reading experience An unfamiliar Grimm fairy tale retelling.First LineGabe Pritz drove through the Callahan High parking lot without waving at any of his friends eARC edition via NetGall [...]

    20. Diamond says:

      An ARC copy of this book was provided to me by the publisher as part of the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.I really wasn t sure what to expect before reading this book It sounded like a sort of general young adult contemporary about a budding relationship I quickly found out it was nothing but general The Silent Swan is an extremely touching and unique story about a high school student council president Gabe AKA Mr Popular and his non friendship with classmate Tamryn At first I thoug [...]

    21. Deanna Perkins says:

      My Thoughts Gabe is on student council, he s amazing at baseball and he dates the prettiest girls However, when his parents ask him to cook a family dinner once a week his life drastically changes when he must ask the school recluse to assist in his cooking.Tam is a very different high school senior She is amazing in the kitchen and has a sure hand when it comes to sowing She s also not the friendliest person in the world She has a horde of brothers and I think a sister or two thrown in but due [...]

    22. CK says:

      Actual 3.5 stars This review is also posted on Thoughts and PensI might have given this book a 3.5 star but it wouldn t stop me from saying that this is one of the best family books that I ve read in my entire reading life It was bittersweet It was painful It was sad It was heartwarming.The Silent Swan s story revolves around the life of Tamryn Swann, a sensible 18 year old orphan whose main goal in life is to unite her family her 5 brothers to be specific after they got separated due to the fiv [...]

    23. Jenna says:

      The Silent Swan by Lex KeatingI received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.After reading The Silent Swan I have to say that it was wonderful I truly enjoyed the story and the characters The book is in the point of view of Gabriel Pritz rich, popular, golden boy who is crushing hard for one of his classmates Kerry or should I say on one of Kerry s body parts he lovingly calls Steve All is perfect in Gabe s world except for the unknown blot that has entered his life as Tam Swan, messy ponyta [...]

    24. Sarah says:

      Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Lex Keating, All Night Reads, and Netgalley Gabe loves baseball, but he s hopeless at cooking, so when his mom breaks the news to him and his brothers that they ll each have to cook dinner one night a week because of her job, he knows that he s going to need help.After listening to his girlfriend moan about her foster sister Tam s awful cooking that takes minutes to prepare and fills her up with 4 bites, G [...]

    25. Pamela (slytherpuff) says:

      Review originally posted at Bettering Me Up as part of a blog tour.I absolutely, positively hated putting this book down I was drawn in to Keating s world immediately and loved how the characters grew throughout the story.There were parts that seemed confusing and choppy and I felt like I had missed something but it didn t take away from the story That may be the fact that I didn t know the fairy tale behind the story until I finished the book It makes somewhat sense now that I know it s a deri [...]

    26. Autumn says:

      I received this book to give an honest review.I was really torn on what to give this book It started with a 3.5 star rating then I moved it to 5 then I just decided okay I am going to go with a 4 star rating, or wine glass in my case.Okay I thought the story was a decent read you have a young girl who seems a lot wiser than her years She is in foster care, along with her siblings and she seems to be fighting for them all to be together when she is of legal age You have Gabe who is a senior and e [...]

    27. Sabrina Olteanu says:

      I ve read a lot of books and to be honest the really good ones are hard to find Stories that have intriguing characters, with a plot full of interesting situations, all held together with an excellent writing voice The Silent Swan is one of these books The writing is tight, the pacing is well done, the story compelling I loved each and every one of Gabe s brothers I just loved this story Tamryn Myova Swann is in foster care, along with her siblings and she seems to be fighting for them all to be [...]

    28. Farrah says:

      Surprising, sweet, and a hidden gem among books The Silent Swan was an absolutely wonderful YA romance that exceeded my expectations and was just lovely Picking up this book, I was expecting a standard YA contemporary romance Sweet, light, and cute, but also somewhat forgettable But, this book blew my expectations out of the water It turned out to be so much A story of growth and romance and strength It was the kind of book that you finish and think about afterwards Loved it Gabe was the narrat [...]

    29. Trista says:

      Gabriel Pritz, better known as Gabe, pretty much has the perfect life, king of his school, baseball star, perfect prom date, everything is golden for him Until his parents decide it would be a good idea for Gabe and his brothers to each pick a night to cook dinner once a week Desperate, Gabe seeks out the help of Tam Swann She s argumentative, cold, stubborn, exactly the kind of person Gabe tends to avoid but she knows her food And her baseball.I fell in love with the story and the characters of [...]

    30. Amber Stokes says:

      The Silent Swan is an intriguing and refreshing fairytale retelling, albeit a story that I didn t completely get The tale begins with a senior boy who is very much caught up in his own world of baseball games and student government and girls Unsurprisingly, his point of view is a bit annoying at first, but it truly made his character growth that much enjoyable to witness Having the whole story told from his perspective was an interesting twist one that I applaud, but also one that might have ke [...]

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